The 10g plastic free lip balm comes in a paper board tube that will fully break down leaving no trace of waste. We encourage our customers to compost; composting is the future! You might laugh but mark my words!

With each sale of a Valley Mist paper tube we donate 8.5% of profits to green cause charities. What is a green cause charity? To us, it is a charity that is focused on maintaining and preserving the ecological environment.

Our return customer base for these much loved balms has been the backbone of the Valley Mist business.

  • Natural and mostly organic.
  • Long lasting.
  • Soothing and protecting.
  • We don’t use flavours, just the natural aromas of the ingredients.

We also offer a 15ml value lip balm in a reusable glass jar.

All of our lip balms are mostly organic and we tend to favour a lip balm made predominantly of raw organic cocoa seed butter from trusted ethical suppliers.