Gluten-Free Lip Balms, our products are suitable for Celiacs

Gluten-Free Lip Balms

With so many gluten-free edible options on our shelves, gluten-free lip balms are something that seem to be often forgotten. However, it is inevitable that a small amount of any product applied to your lips will also be ingested. As a result, gluten-free lip balms can be extremely beneficial for celiacs, allowing you to look after your smile without having to risk any gluten-induced complications.

Vitamin E

Valley Mist lip balms are naturally rich in Vitamin E from ingredients like cocoa seed butter and mango butter, making them excellent at hydrating and protecting your lips. Any added Vitamin E is often derived from wheat materials, meaning that it can often be difficult to find truly nourishing and hydrating lip balms that is are also gluten-free. However, at Valley Mist any extra Vitamin E added to our lip balms is derived from soybeans (called tocopherol in the cosmetic industry), meaning that our lip balms maintain a high level of hydration and protection, as well as being gluten-free.

Natural, Gluten-Free Lip Balms without Losing the Luxury

Here at Valley Mist we believe that the very best skincare comes from natural and age old ingredients that have been used throughout time and human history. Our naturally derived ingredients, most of which are also organic, are all also gluten-free. We create luxurious, effective products that are just as kind to the planet as they are to your skin.

Our original lip balms are what Jo began the business with back in 2016 and still remain one of our all-time bestsellers and once you’ve tried them we feel sure you’ll see why! Some of our customers have even described them, as the best lip balms in the world and, although we’re not sure how you would go about testing such a theory, we like to think they’re right!

With a huge percentage of Cocoa Seed Butter in both the original lip balms and the vegan paperboard lip balms (more than a quarter of the overall ingredients for most!), our lip balms melt deliciously into your skin, providing protection and hydration for hours at a time. Furthermore, the high cocoa butter content also gives our lip balms a delicious natural chocolatey scent that will leave you craving more!

Each of our different lip balm variations are beneficial for your smile in slightly different ways, and each with their own unique essential oil derived scent. For more information about each lip balm click on the product below.

Gluten-Free Lip Balms

Here are some of our most popular Gluten Free products.

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