Exciting News: 3 Valley Mist Natural Skincare Products Are ‘Free From Skincare Awards’ Finalists!

We have some hugely exciting news to share with you… For the first time in what is now almost 8 full years of business, we decided to enter the Free From Skincare Awards, and we’re thrilled to announce that all three of the products that we entered have made it to the final!

Free From Skincare Awards 2024 Finalist

We wanted to take a moment to celebrate with all of you who have been supporting us since day one and to shine a spotlight on our three Free From Finalists: the Rejuvenating Frankincense Facial Oil; the Baby and Nipple Balm with Calendula and Rosehip Oil; and the Normal – Dry Skin Micellar Water & Toner. You can read the full list of finalists here – you’ll find us in categories 1, 11, and 13!

Free From Skincare Awards Finalists – We Couldn’t Have Done It Without You!

First thing’s first, we feel like a thank you is in order. Throughout the trying times of lockdowns, restrictions, and cost of living crises we’ve seen many of our fellow small businesses have to close their doors. But thanks to all of you, we’re still here trying to make whatever difference we can to sustainability in the world of skincare. What’s even more, with the announcement of the finalists for the the Free From Awards and all of our entered products making it to that final list, we feel like our success is only growing! We can’t wait to see where the rest of this year will take Valley Mist, and we hope that you’ll be there with us.

Meanwhile, if you’re new here (perhaps you’ve even hopped over from the Free From Awards Finalists list!), welcome to our little shop with a big goal! Sustainability is our number one priority here at Valley Mist and it comes first in every single one of our business practices. Whether that’s sourcing local ingredients, or having our candles delivered to the shop in an electric car! One of our number one priorities since day one has always been plastic free packaging, so you’ll find that most of our packaging is a mixture of glass and aluminium. All of our glass packaging, like those of the Facial Oil, Baby & Nipple Balm, and Micellar Water, can then be returned to us to be cleaned and reused. For every 5 like for like containers you return, you’ll receive a free product! More details on our glass returns scheme can be found here.

Our little shops’s specialty is natural skincare, creating and curating recipes that showcase nature’s powers from our lab situated right behind our shop in Leyland, Lancashire. Many of our ingredients are organic (a number we’re always trying to increase) and all of them are as locally and sustainably sourced as possible.

Rejuvenating Facial Oil

Our Rejuvenating Facial Oil has made it it to the Free From Skincare Awards final in ‘Category 13 – Face Oils (leave on)’. However, our Facial Oil has been a favourite in the shop since long before this, repeatedly selling out and almost always retaining its spot as our physical shop’s bestseller. On the few occasions it has been ousted from this spot, its usually by our brand-new Light Liquid Glow Serum that we developed with the help of nearly 100 of of customers!

A light and beautifully aromatic oil, our Facial Oil is the perfect addition to your evening skincare routine. Our founder Jo, has created a beautiful video on how best to use this product on our Instagram that you can see here.

Baby Skin Balm with Calendula & Rosehip Oil

A finalist in ‘Category 1 – Family Skincare’, this one is a personal favourite of both myself and Jo! The most luxurious, multi-purpose, soothing skin balm. Jo and I have both experienced its effectiveness at soothing dry skin and stress-related eczema. Starting out firm, once applied to the skin this wonderful balm stars to melt on contact, allowing he rich, oily goodness to be worked into the skin.

Calendula and rosehip oils have been chosen specifically for their natural goodness and historical associations with healing and restoring the skin. Paired with the superpowers of organic beeswax, we don’t believe there’s a better natural skin balm out there… but maybe we’re a little bit biased!

Normal – Dry Skin Micellar Water & Toner

A finalist in ‘Category 11 – Toners, Waters and Spritzes’, this one, is a personal favourite of my mum! Personally, I have combination skin, so can’t vouch for its effectiveness, but my mum swears by it. What I can vouch for is its incredible scent of neroli and lavender that leaves every cleansing routine feeling like a spa day. Its relaxing scent and 3-in-1 make-up removing, cleansing, and toning action makes its the perfect addition to your skincare routine, ideal for applying before our Facial Oil.

The Normal – Dry Skin Micellar Water is perfect for maturing and dry skin, providing a mild, but effective skin cleanse with a naturally moisturising formula.

Thank you for celebrating with us and keep an eye out for the announcement of the winners of the Free From Skincare Awards on the 26th June!

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Free From Skincare Awards 2024 Finalist

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