Benefits of Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

You may have noticed that all of Valley Mist’s sustainable lip balms contain cocoa butter and you might be wondering why this is an ingredient that we are quite so fond of… Or even if you weren’t, hopefully you are feeling at least a little curious now! This post will discuss all of the amazing benefits of cocoa butter lip balm and why we’re proud to have it making up such a high percentage of our lip balm’s ingredients (45% in many of our vegan lip balms!).

Valley Mist Plastic Free Vegan Lip Balms
Valley Mist Vegan Lip Balms

Why Cocoa Butter?

So, why do we choose cocoa butter when there are so many other alternatives we could choose from? Cocoa seed butter is a 100% natural substance that is derived from the cocoa bean (yes, it’s the same thing that you use to make chocolate!). As a result, even without being scented with essential oils, our cocoa butter lip balms already possess a delightfully light, chocolatey scent, and who doesn’t love chocolate? The peppermint value vegan lip balm even tastes quite a lot like mint choc chip, which is great for all the mint chocolate lovers out there!

Organic Cocoa Butter

All of our cocoa butter is also organic, helping to contribute to sustainable farming methods that promote biodiversity worldwide. 

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm
Cocoa Butter

Cocoa Butter Lip Balm – Loaded With Vitamin E

Not only is cocoa butter an excellent natural, organic and vegan alternative to many manmade substances, like petroleum, that often form the bases of lip balms, but it is also naturally loaded with vitamin E. Vitamin E helps to maintain healthy skin and so cocoa butter lip balm is an excellent option if you are suffering from dry, chapped lips in the winter, or perhaps lips that have seen a little too much sun exposure in the summer (if, like us, you live in the UK, then the latter may only seem like a far off dream, but there’s no harm in being prepared!).

Cocoa butter is fat-soluble meaning that it is able to penetrate the layers of your skin, moisturising and forming a protective barrier, helping to protect and nourish your smile. However, there is no reason you can’t also use your cocoa butter lip balm as a cuticle oil or skin balm anywhere that you find dry skin popping up, and many of our customers do, with great results.

Swatch of the Red Mandarin value vegan lip balm – you can see how the product melts into my hand.


Next on the list of the seemingly endless benefits of this wondrous natural treasure, are antioxidants. ‘Antioxidants’…. a word often thrown around and usually considered positive, but if you ever asked anyone what it meant they would probably just say something like “I’m not really sure, but I think they’re supposed to be good for you…” Well, cocoa butter is full of antioxidants and although, that’s a positive for cocoa butter lip balm, I’m afraid that it doesn’t mean chocolate is good for you… Although apparently a small amount of dark chocolate is, but I’ll leave that to the nutritionists. The antioxidant properties of cocoa butter are brilliant for our natural lip balm because ‘antioxidant’ means that it stops the product from oxidising and thus, going off. So, in a way it acts like a natural preservative, allowing us to keep our cocoa butter lip balms free of things like parabens and other petroleum-based compounds.

Application Texture

Last, but not least, cocoa butter has a luxurious application texture. Like coconut oil, it tends to start quite solid, but melts as it warms. As a result, it is perfect for a lip balm, holding its shape in the container, but melting lavishly as you apply it to your skin.

Valley Mist Cocoa Butter Lip Balms

As you can see, there is no shortage of reasons why here at Valley Mist, we have chosen cocoa butter as the base for all of our lip balms. So, if you would like to make the positive switch for your smile too, then you can browse all of our cocoa butter lip balms via the links below. If you’re a fan of our lip balm (and most of our customers say that they would never turn back) then follow us on Instagram @myvalleymistsmile and feel free to tag us in your photos of your cocoa butter lip balm fuelled smiles – we love to see them!

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