Baby Massage Oils

Our Organic Baby Massage Oils have been specifically formulated to be safe for sensitive skin. Perfect for the soft skin of your baby.

Organic Baby Massage Oils
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Showing all 2 results

Organic Baby Massage Oils

You can safely use our organic baby massage oils to create tender loving moments from the first day you meet.

Massage Oils to Nourish, Stimulate, Sooth and Protect

Our skin is an amazing organ of the body, self repairing and a natural shield to protect us from the elements and damaging impacts of our environment. Massage can nourish and stimulate, soothe dry and itchy skin, and even help to cleanse it.

Massage can also enhance and elevate bonding in new and old relationships. Enjoy a sensorial massage and harness the power of aromatherapy with our Soothe massage oil and fall into the deeply relaxing yet uplifting notes of Frankincense & Lavender essential oils.

Pure Organic Baby Massage Oil

Alternatively we have our Pure Organic Massage Oil blend made using the king of massage oils, organic sesame seed oil, plus vitamin E packed cosmetic grade sunflower seed oil.

Create Your Own Massage Oil Blend

If you feel inspired you can create your own aromatherapy massage oil blend by adding just 5 drops of any Valley Mist essential oil per 10 ml of our Pure Massage Oil.