WUKAWUKA stands for ‘Wake Up, Kick Ass’, a suitably empowering acronym for a brand that creates sustainable underwear to be worn during your period. All of the underwear that WUKA produce are created from sustainable materials that are responsibly sourced and delivered to us and sold at affordable prices. As a brand they believe in challenging taboos surrounding periods and tackling the belief that a combination of sustainable living and having a period is a luxury.

Their company and products have accreditations from many of the big organisations in supporting eco-friendly living and textile production, including: The Vegan Society, PETA,  the Carbon Footprint Standard, the Global Organic Textile Standard, the Better Cotton Initiative and OEKO-TEX. This means that as a stockist we can be 100% reassured that their products and manufacturing process are as eco-friendly as they can be at the moment, as well as reducing the plastic waste created by the use of disposable sanitary products, like pads and tampons. One pair of WUKA Period Pants can save as many as 200 single-use disposable period products and when you think how much 200 of these products would cost your wallet (as well as the planet), the affordability of these products becomes clear. Furthermore, all of their products are packaged in plastic-free packaging, their bags might look plastic, but they’re actually made of compostable corn starch!

Here at Valley Mist we stock a range of WUKA products which you can find on this page – we hope you love them as much as we do!

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