Wild Natural Deodorant

Wild LogoWe feel sure that you’ve probably heard of this brand already, but we’ll introduce you to them anyway. Wild natural deodorant has become an immensely popular deodorant, offering a huge variation of scents to suit every individual personality. You purchase a one-off refillable deodorant case in the colour of your choice that you can refill with your favourite scented refill packages, reducing plastic use and minimising waste materials. Additionally, all of Wild’s packaging is plastic-free and compostable.

The deodorants themselves are naturally vegan and free of parabens and aluminium to keep your underarms fresh and healthy. Wild’s aim is to produce a natural deodorant that was still super effective, with packaging that kept waste to a compostable and recyclable minimum in order to reduce the huge amount of bathroom waste that we produce each year. Their deodorant is scientifically proven to protect you from body odour for 24hrs, meaning you can go about your day without any concern. All of their deodorants are full of natural, vegan ingredients and, in their own words, “We never test on animals, only smelly people.” To add to all this goodness, Wild is also a carbon negative business and they plant a tree for every deodorant that you purchase! 

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