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Why and how Valley Mist is working on all fronts to be a sustainable beauty brand

  • Valley Mist built from the ground up as a sustainable beauty brand business. Launched in 2016 with just four varieties of lip balm in a biodegradable paper tube. After nearly giving up, it was so difficult trying to explain why non plastic products were a good idea. Blue Planet 2 aired in 2017 and there was an almost immediate surge of interest in Valley Mist as people woke up to the urgency and the scale of the problem we have created on this planet. Driven by this greater awareness and a more conscious approach to consumerism, people have increasingly started to demand eco-friendly products and packaging. Valley Mist now has over 20 plastic free sustainable beauty and wellness products.

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Plastic free packaging

  • All Valley Mist product packaging is either compostable, recyclable or reusable / refillable. All postage packaging is 100% plastic free. We reuse the packaging that is sent to use from our suppliers so rarely do we need to order new boxes for our wholesale customers.
  • All of the inks and printing materials we use are non-toxic and suitable for home composting which is something we regularly encourage our customers to do. Over the years and were often left feeling ripped off and unappreciated by sererval large printing companies. We now have a local printing business who supply all of our printing needs, these guys went out of their way to help with our need for plastic free and non toxic inks and being just a short drive away our carbon footprint is looking much healthier.

Handmade and keepingings local

  • All cosmetic and wellness products are handmade in small batches in England by either myself Jo or one of the growing number of like-minded artisans I have teamed up with. Locally made products really have to be the answer to sustainable living and that of being a sustainable beauty brand.
  • It has taken years to bring Valley Mist to its current position. The development of various products started long before the launch of the business, for myself originally (Jo) and then increasingly for family and friends. Along the way I have had a number of failures and a build up of waste product, ALL of which I have carefully stored and not thrown away since 2014. Our recycled aromatherapy candles contain a proportion of that waste, closing the loop on the on the reuse/recycle front for these waxes and oils and therefore nailing it on the zero-waste front for Valley Mist. Very satisfying!

Looking to the future

  • We have new recycled candles available made from our waste materials. And more new products in development that will be easily refillable for refill stores.
  • We aim to launch our Glass Returns System in late Spring 2022.


  • Brimming with excitement, we have ambitious plans for the future! One of our many plans that I can openly share; we hope to grow our own ingredients to replace those thart would otherwise be imported. That’s right, we intend to introduce a different kind of ingredient not normally seen in cosmetics. We are already in talks with local landowners, it’s a very exciting prospect! As always, these things need a certain level of investment before we can make it happen. A long term goal!  Our plans include a variety of locally grown and manually harvested ingredients. High yield is part of the farming monoculture problem as we see things. Our ingredients will not be particularly high yield. Locally grown ingredients are not burdened with transport miles and will be the antithesis of high yield monoculture crops which are the scourge of wildlife diversity. We desperately want to be part of the regenerative farming revolution that is gathering pace in the world.
  • This sums up the ethos of Valley Mist, to create the very highest quality natural products full of goodness. Making the changes we want to see by treading as lightly as possible on the Earth and encouraging our customers to do likewise.

There are more things happening behind the scenes and I can’t wait to share some revolutionary news with you; my Instagram followers will already know about this bomb shell that is going to rock the cosmetic industry but for now I am going to leave this here. Please follow us on Instagram to be the first to know….:-) @myvalleymistsmile

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