Biodegradable lip balm dispensers

Valley Mist on sustainable living

The Valley Mist eco friendly lip balm tube, decomposing nicely at six months in the chive plant pot.

Sustainable living is the dream goal, and it’s up there as being of paramount importance to us and hopefully it is to you too.  There is a movement of change in the air to reduce the amount of plastics used in our every day lives. From coffee cups to cotton buds and we’d like to be part of it and contribute by offering biodegradable lip balm dispensers as an everyday option.

We have put our money where our mouth is and invested in biodegradable packaging. This is available for all of our flagship Lip Balm Range which will help Valley Mist push forward with the movement to help reduce plastic packaging.

Biodegradable lip balm dispensers study

The on going observation of the degradation of a sample lip balm tube nestled in the Valley Mist chive plant pot

Above are the chronological photos showing the little experiment we are running. The decomposition process of the biodegradable lip balm tube is on our Facebook page; you can find the album titled  “Valley Mist, let’s watch it become plant food”. @myvalleymistsmile

It might have been more ideal to have started the observation when the weather was a little warmer to speed things up and help with the breakdown, but here it is and we are excited to watch the process.

Valley Mist: we think we are the UK’s first lip balm producer using biodegradable packaging.

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Refillable plastic lip balm dispensers

We did offer plastic lip balm tubes as a refill option, but this trial didn’t really work (find out why here). The eco-friendly, biodegradable lip balm dispensers are what we are excited about.

We have made many attempts to source the biodegradable packaging here in the UK ..

So far we have been unable to find a manufacturer who could produce a durable and practical dispenser. It is a difficult and expensive product to make and the only option left open to us if we wanted to pursue the eco friendly lip balm packaging route was to import from overseas. It was important to us to offer a green choice and to be able to make this a viable option for the British shopper.

With momentum behind this product we hope to recontact the UK manufacturers who did show interest and get a British made biodegradable lip balm dispenser made. Our efforts won’t stop there. Once there is sufficient purchasing power behind this product we can push for other beauty products to be housed in non-plastic biodegradable packaging too.

Read part two of our Biodegradable Lip Balm Study here >

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