Ocean Saver Ltd

Ocean Saver LogoThis brand was created by people with a deep love of the sea with the aim of helping to protect it for future generations. Plastic pollution is a huge problem for the ocean (in 2050 there will be more plastic in the ocean than fish!) and home-care products create more than 29 billion plastic containers a year. As a result Ocean Saver created the innovative cleaning solution of a concentrated cleaning liquid in a small pouch that you can add to your favourite refillable container at home, combined with water, to create your own cleaning products without the plastic waste. These pouches contain a cleaning liquid that is plant-based and non-toxic, vegan, never tested on animals and 100% biodegradable, but still maintains the same amazing cleaning power. As a result, this makes swapping single-use plastic out of your cleaning routine easier than ever.

Here at Valley Mist we stock a range of their products, as we believe in helping the planet in any way that we can. You can find all of the products that we have available here on this page, so why not have a browse and consider making your cleaning routine, simple, eco-friendly and affordable?

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