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Natural and holistic

Jo From Valley Mist

Jo’s Natural Lip Balm

We are impassioned about living a natural and holistic lifestyle as much as we can and so want to share our passion with as many like minded souls as possible.

Valley Mist launched in 2016 with just four Lip Balms, over two years in the making. The goal being to create a natural lip balm free from overly processed chemicals. My intention was to create a lip balm made from raw, natural or naturally derived ingredients. I didn’t want to use synthetic flavors or petroleum; the use of such ingredients seemed to contradict my efforts to live in harmony with nature. And I created my natural and holistic lip balm, beautifully packaged and completely plastic free.

As someone sensitive to pollution, I (Jo ) believe that allowing our bodies to function in as natural and non-polluted state as possible is key to good health. By considering the ingredients we use on our bodies as well as those we put into them, we can make a change to our health and even our precious Earth.

A few things about Valley Mist and the maker

Hi I’m Jo, creator and maker of most things Valley Mist. I am well into my 40’s and have been making my own natural skincare products with varying success for roughly ten years.

I am passionate and some would say a little too enthused about a number of things in life but the environment, skincare, growing my own food, yoga, my family and herbal tea, all compete to be at the top of the list … Oh and let’s not forget composting! Together these things and many others work as key ingredients of my attempt at a holistic lifestyle.

Part of my business ambitions are to grow Valley Mist to the point where I can afford to literally grow most of my ingredients … but most of your ingredients are imported from warmer climates I hear you cry! Well, I have a plan for UK grown ingredients that will crank up the sustainability factor of Valley Mist, watch this space 🙂

Sustainable and Eco Friendly

Equally important and right up there is our commitment to preserving the Earth for future generations.

The paper in our 10g lip balm tube is made using a combination of recycled fibers and wood pulp. Our small steps moving away from petro chemicals used to make plastics can help to reduce the plunder of our planet. Despite our best efforts, we have been forced to ship the paper-board tube from abroad. With help from our customers we hope to reduce the use of plastic and encourage British manufacturers to offer these greener alternatives right here in the UK.

This image is from one of our Facebook page albums. @myvalleymistsmile. We observed the decay of the lip balm tubes over a period of time in the Valley Mist chive plant pot. There is a more recent insight on our Instagram stories; take a look at the 6th week video saved on our highlights. We submerged several tubes into our two types of compost bins to record the decay.

valley mist loves the natural world

Environmental cause charities

For every sale of the lip balm in paper tubes AND the aromatherapy candles. (Made using waste waxes and oils saved from Valley Mist product production since 2014) We make an annual donation of 8.5% of the profits towards environmental cause charities. I know! Great right?

Our last donation went to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. This image was taken at Brockholes, one of the 50 nature reserves across the region.

Valley Mist will be sending our next donation to the Lancashire Wildlife Trust. We are looking forward to the end of the social distancing and getting out and about around Lancashire’s countryside

the world land trust trademark

Super pleased to support the THE WORLD LAND TRUST

It was 2019 when we were gifted a certificate of land protection to secure endangered habitats through The World Land Trust. We’d not heard of the WLT before but soon became interested in all that they do to protect the environment for the future. It was clear we wanted Valley Mist to support this most worthy green cause charity.

Looking To The Future

As a sustainable skincare company our range is small but our ambitions are considerable and bursting to grow.  Check back soon and see what’s new.