For Grandma

In this section you will find our selection of eco-friendly and sustainable gifts for grandma. There is a wide array of delightfully scented gifts to create the perfect, relaxing, home ambience, as well as skincare options to help give ageing skin and extra treat. Our skincare products are made using 100% natural and truly nourishing ingredients, like cocoa and shea butters, to help protect and nourish skin, whilst ensuring you know where your skincare has come from. We’ve chosen each of our ingredients carefully for their wonderful healing, protective, or aromatherapy properties; each ingredient is there for a reason to help give your skin or your mind (or both!) a boost. This makes many of our products a brilliant choice for ageing skin and we’ve included our top selection here for you to browse. However, we’ve also included a range of other products to help massage and soothe aching joints and products to encourage a better nights’ sleep, for those who struggle with these issues (young or old!).

All products come packaged in biodegradable or recyclable packaging to make sure our products have as positive an impact on the planet as we hope that they will on you and your loved ones.

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