Plastic-Free July

Well, it has finally happened, we are in June! The summer season has officially begun and the sun has come out especially for the double bank holiday weekend, something which I never thought I would see happen… But it being June, means that it is time to start planning for Plastic-Free July! Not sure what […]

Glass Recycling now accepting for all Valley Mist Glass Containers

Exciting news Valley Misters: our glass recycling system is now up and running! From now on we will be accepting any empty glass containers from our products returned to the Valley Mist shop to be re-used for future products. Read on to find out exactly how this is going to work… Glass Recycling: How will […]

The Best Ethical Gifts are often something that has been made close to home

Valley Mist Ethical Shop at Charnock Farm Lancashire

When thinking about sustainability and eco-friendly products, our minds often go straight to ingredients and materials. For example, depending on your own perspective and priorities you may wonder whether the product is vegan, whether it supports sustainable logging practices, whether it is natural, or whether it is plastic-free. When considering foods you may more often […]

Gluten-Free Lip Balms, our products are suitable for Celiacs

Wholesale POS Lip Balm Display

Gluten-Free Lip Balms With so many gluten-free edible options on our shelves, gluten-free lip balms are something that seem to be often forgotten. However, it is inevitable that a small amount of any product applied to your lips will also be ingested. As a result, gluten-free lip balms can be extremely beneficial for celiacs, allowing […]

Cruelty Free Lip Balm, Skincare and Beauty Products 

Biodegradable lip balm tube from Valley Mist skincare and wellness

Are Valley Mist Lip Balms, Skincare and Beauty Products Cruelty Free? This is one of our most commonly asked questions and of course, the answer is yes. As an ethical and sustainable skincare and wellness brand we consider testing on animals to be morally wrong. So, we are proud to say that our renowned lip […]

Benefits of Cocoa Butter Lip Balm

Valley Mist plastic free and zerowaste natural and organic lip balms

You may have noticed that all of Valley Mist’s sustainable lip balms contain cocoa butter and you might be wondering why this is an ingredient that we are quite so fond of… Or even if you weren’t, hopefully you are feeling at least a little curious now! This post will discuss all of the amazing […]

Top Benefits of Witch Hazel for Skin

Witch Hazel

Most of you will have heard that witch hazel has many benefits for your skin at some point or other, and probably most commonly that it is excellent for preventing and clearing breakouts. However, what are the other benefits of witch hazel for skin and how does it work? In this blog post I will […]