Baby Balms

Our Baby & Nipple Balms are perfect for soft, sensitive skin. Particularly soothing for chapped skin and eczema irritations, or to provide relief to breastfeeding mums.

Baby Balms
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Showing all 2 results

Protecting & Soothing Baby Balms

Protecting and soothing balms formulated and specifically made for babies and mums.

Nipple Balms

Perfect to provide relief to breastfeeding mums.

100% Natural

As a completely natural product your Soothing Skin Balm may change colour slightly from batch to batch. Much like the seasons change, so do our natural ingredients depending on the season in which they have grown.

Firm Consistency

With a slightly firm consistency our baby and nipple balm melts instantly on contact with your skin. Instantly soothing and rich balm is made to maximise skin protecting properties.