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We’ve paused the refill lip balm service

Refill lip balms

From 2017 to June 2020 we have been offering the 4.25g plastic lip balms tubes as refills. In that period we sadly had just one customer return the lip balms for reuse.

The returning of the empty lip balm tubes

When that precious day arrived and the envelope was clearly filled with multiple lip balm tubes inside, we were so delighted, it made our week! Just image, you ave been offering this service for three years and no sign of a returned lip balm tube in all that time. It’s no understatement to say we bounced off the walls with joy!

However the customer didn’t want them refilling, they just wanted to return the tubes in the hope they would be reused and in replacement order one of our degradable, paper lip balm tubes. Never the less, we were still just so pleased someone cared enough to return them.

While 2020 hits us with a spade around the face, sales of the refill are on hold.

As such we have decided to put on hold the sale of our refill plastic lip balms. Until there is a demand and a real interest in refills that are posted back to us it just seems like the best way forward. Hopefully when we are operating to the new normal and have a working team that can help operate this tricky process, let’s just put it to bed for a while. We are not giving up on the idea of refills, just putting it on hold while we recover from 2020.