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Biodegradable lip balm dispensers. Part 2.

Our zero waste lip balm tube has decomposed as promised.

Day 1. The Valley Mist Chive Plant Pot Meets The Compostable Lip Balm Tube

If you are reading this blog about our biodegradable lip balm dispenser, then chances are you are pretty passionate about the preservation of our environment and sustainable living. Me too! Time is precious, so I will get straight to it. You will be pleased to hear:

No.1 Our paper tube lip balm containers are doing what they promised.

Phew, I can tell you it is a massive relief!  As much as a high five to environmental cause concerns and sustainable living, with the proven decomposition of our lip balm tube, also comes a childlike giddiness that yes, it does what it promises to do!  We have it documented and it is with great pleasure that I can directly confirm these containers do break down and decompose.

I have personally invested so much into these containers, not only my own cold hard cash, but time and energy into making Valley Mist lip balms a recognised green option for the environmentally conscious consumer. As mentioned in the first blog on this subject (Biodegradable lip balm dispensers) there are so many reasons why Valley Mist lip balms came about and the relief and satisfaction that I feel now has made all the hard work feel worth while. The lip balm tube will have been in the pot for a year on the 14th November 2017, the tube has not yet fully decomposed but is well on its way. We are putting together an animated video to promote and share with the world the fantastic progress of the decomposition.

No.2 Yes, the chive plant is alive

I do bang on endlessly about the recycled biodegradable lip balm tubes and how great it is that they will decompose and should in fact replace the more common plastic lip balm tube… But more over there was rather a great deal of attention bestowed on our Valley Mist Chive plant pot... It’s got a small following.  I love to see how the biodegradable lip balm tube  has supported life through it’s breakdown, like anything that composts, it creates a microcosm of life and its been heart warming (I get pretty animated over my passions in life) to see the number of mini beasts hanging about the eco friendly tube. The chive plant has thrived this year, in all its years the plant has never been so prolific and abundant with flowers and I like to think it’s partly to do with the lip balm tube giving back to nature, that and my endless bright eyed visits.  

The Valley Mist Chive Plant Thirving

As always, thanks for reading this far, it tells me that you too are interested and care about living in a more sustainable way. Together we can make a difference.  Look out for the animation, I will post it as soon as I have finished putting it together.  


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