Why lip balm?

British Made Natural Lip Balm

I have been making my own natural skincare products for many years with varying levels of success but the decision to launch Valley Mist lip balms was one borne of necessity.

I’ve always had problems with my skin in the winter months especially with dry skin and cracked lips and often found myself without a lip balm. I would end up buying three of four lip balms every year to make sure I was never without one. This process left me fed-up with the choices available in the shops and I found that most of the lip balms were made from petroleum products even when they claimed to be natural. So frustrating. I didn’t want to put that waste product on my skin, never mind into my food chain! Looking at the genuine natural lip balms also left me fed up as I thought it was a shame there were none or very few British companies represented in the choices that were laid out in front of me.

Valley Mist has a less is more approach

Hello! This is me, Jo.

Developing The Valley Mist Lip Balm

I have many passions and creative outlets, I particularly love to learn and wow did I learn through developing Valley Mist lip balm. I spent a considerable amount of time researching the best ingredients and also looked into the ingredients of many of the lip balms that are considered to be natural. It was a sad surprise to see so many “natural” lip balms and cosmetics with chemical flavours, and some even contained ingredients used in the embalming process. Most shocking to me was the use of oils extracted from shark’s liver! Now I agree that that could be listed as natural but this brings up a whole new subject for conversation, one that I really don’t feel equipped to join in on but I feel it should be mentioned when discussing ingredients used in cosmetics… if it contains animal products, this should be on the label right?

Finding A Natural Alternative

Getting back to chemicals and chemical flavours used in lip balms, why would we want those nasties in our system, I certainly don’t. There are so many potent flavours and perfumes assaulting and dulling our senses, so much so that we end up looking for more and more powerful potions to stimulate them further.

Valley Mist has a less is more approach. In subtlety comes an opening and heightening of the senses to more delicate and natural aromas. Valley Mist lip balms are not for everyone, their natural composition with 30% Cocoa Seed Butter gives a chocolatey identity across the range, so if you love chocolate you’ll probably like my lip balms too and I can honestly say they are natural through and through.

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