Top 5 Glass Bottle Bathroom Products, For a More Sustainable Bathroom Routine

Bathrooms are one of the main rooms in the house that are at risk of producing the most plastic waste. Whether it’s from shampoo bottles, shower gels, toothpastes, cleaning products, disposable razors or anything else. However, they are also one of the rooms where innovative new, sustainable companies have been making it much easier to reduce this waste. In this blog post I will talk you through our top 5 glass bottle bathroom products we stock and/or create here at Valley Mist to help you get started with your new sustainable bathroom routine.

Our Favourite Glass Bottle Bathroom Products

1. Glass Bottle Bubble Baths

Who doesn’t love a delightful, relaxing bubble bath at the end of a long day? Okay, maybe some people don’t, but we’re not one of them! These wonderfully scented glass bottle bubble baths are the perfect way to relax. They are handmade in the UK in small batches, reducing their carbon footprint and, of course, the glass bottle means that they are plastic-free and endlessly recyclable! They’re made by the Funky Soap Shop in London which aims to be eco-friendly and is completely against animal cruelty – two things we are huge fans of at Valley Mist! We stock a variety of their scents – Argan Oil & Rose, Calendula Oil & Sandalwood, and Jojoba Oil & Lemongrass – so you should find something here to suit whoever you’re shopping for!

2. Beautiful Glass Bottles & Refillable Bathroom Products

Perhaps one of the most versatile glass bottle bathroom products: the refillable glass bottle! Super easy to use and with so many designs to choose from it is easy to pick a design that works perfectly with your bathroom aesthetic – they’re so much prettier than the plastic bottles! We have a range of different bottle designs available here at Valley Mist for you to have a browse of and also lots of refill bathroom products to choose from too!

Choosing refillable bathroom products not only reduces plastic waste that often ends up in landfill but also often works out much cheaper than buying pre-bottled products too. In our flagship store in Leyland, Lancashire we have a selection of our favourite refillable products for you to choose from, including soaps, shampoos, conditioners and body lotions. So, if you’re local or passing by, why not stop at the shop and have a browse?

Hand Soap - Cucumber + Aloe Vera - Refill
Miniml Refillable Hand Soap – available in the Valley Mist store.

3. Glass Bottle Micellar Water & Toner

A long-time bestseller both online and in-store this is one of our customers’ favourite products. We have a range of micellar water & toners available to suit a variety of different skin types: Oily Prone Skin, Combination Skin, and Normal – Dry Skin (there’s no such thing as ‘normal’, but most people tend to have skin that’s on the drier side). These options also all have a variety of different scents created by 100% natural essential oils to give you a little extra mental boost whilst you treat your skin, ranging from luxurious neroli and lavender, to uplifting tea tree, lemongrass and juniper. Although all of our products are for everyone, we also have a men’s combination skin option available, which has a more typically ‘masculine’ scent, with witch hazel and black pepper.

As well as being plastic-free and endlessly recyclable, the Valley Mist glass packaging can also be returned to us via our glass returns system. We can then wash them and use them again, keeping waste to an absolute minimum.

4. Glass Bottle Facial Oil

Designed with nurturing tired skin in mind this facial oil with essential oils of frankincense and bergamot will transport you straight to the spa. It’s made with six blended plant oils that melt luxuriously into the skin and provide the perfect treat to add to you evening skincare routine.

Packaged in a glass bottle with a metal lid this packaging is also almost completely plastic free. There is only a very small amount of plastic required on the inside of the metal lid in order to ensure that the lid is completely sealed. Additionally you have the option to add a pipette lid instead of a screw top, this option does include plastic, but it is designed to be reused again and again and can also be returned to us through the glass returns system to be reused in the future.

This facial oil is also perfect when paired with the Jade facial roller for a real skincare treat. Apply the oil to your face in a few drops before gently massaging it in with the jade roller. This roller is also, of course, completely plastic free and excellent for detoxing the skin and promoting better blood circulation (known to give you healthier-looking and glowier skin!). You can even store your roller in the fridge before use if you want an extra cooling effect.

5. Glass Jar Skin Balm

The final product on our list of easy glass bottle bathroom product swaps is my favourite Valley Mist product of all time: the Skin Balm (also known as the Baby Balm). This product has multitude of uses from simply being used as a luxurious treat from the skin, to soothing sore, dry or chapped skin caused by eczema or nappy rash (these products have been certified as safe for use on baby’s skin as well as adults). This multi-use balm (I have written another journal post on its multiple uses here) starts out with a firm texture before melting upon contact with the skin to give the most delightful protective and soothing feel.

As with all the other products on this list, it is of course packaged in endlessly recyclable and reusable glass packaging. Like the facial oil and the micellar waters, the baby balm‘s jar can also be returned to us through the glass returns system. Similar to the packaging of the facial oil above, the metal lid of the jar unfortunately has to contain a very small amount of plastic in order to ensure that it seals properly, but otherwise this product is entirely plastic-free.

These are just some of our favourite glass bottle bathroom products available here at Valley Mist and some of the products that we think are the easiest swaps to make in your cupboards. However, there are a huge range of the plastic-free skincare, wellness and home products that are available on our website for you to browse. As always, our aim is to make prioritising the planet in your everyday life easier for you, so we hope that you will find something to help you out in your mission to help protect our planet.

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