Clear Glass Refill Bottle 300ml


Green Dream

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  • A refillable clear glass bottle suitable for a range of cleaning and cosmetic products such as dish wash, hand wash, hand lotion, shampoo, body wash and more.
  • Artwork designed in the North West of England and printed in Scotland using organic inks.
  • Size- 300 ml.
  • Each reusable bottle has the option of an aluminium cap, brass or matte black soap/lotion pump.
  • Infinitely recyclable glass bottle made in the UK.
  • Easy to change anytime from a pump to a spray to a screw cap- just look for a neck finish R3/28mm.

About the artwork

This idea came to me in a dream. Green dreamer maker Hannah designed this beautiful artwork blended in with the plants around the house. A design that would match any style of interior- colour scheme, pattern, materials would become irrelevant.

Houseplants give you that essential connection to the great outdoors. The artwork is a reminder to connect with nature. The concept is that when you are ‘at one’ with nature that you are more likely to make better decisions about how to live consciously.   


The glass material gives depth and a constant change of view as you move around the artwork.  I chose the quote “To plant a garden is to believe in tomorrow” by Audrey Hepburn to give you hope in our world that seems hopeless at times. There’s a lot of good when you look for it.

The artwork is applied directly to the bottle, therefore no extra materials like screens or backing paper (for screen-printing & water-slide transfers) are used/wasted. The inks are organic based and can be recycled. This process uses far less energy than traditional methods.

The glass bottles are sourced from a UK manufacturer. The clear glass bottles are made of 30% recycled glass and the amber are made of 45% recycled glass.

Glass is infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality (unlike plastics and other materials).

Glass has an inert nature which means that it will not give off harmful greenhouse gases like methane, likewise it won’t have any detrimental effect on marine life if it is discarded on our coasts or at sea.