Jade Stone Roller for Facial Massage


Jade stone roller for facial massage.

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Jade stone crystal rollers are popularly used for facial massage, a technique known for promoting a healthy, glowing complexion. This natural skincare tool provides the detachment needed for self massage.

  • Cooling jade stone with two sizes for targeted areas.
  • Great aid to detoxing the skin via massage.
  • Promotes blood circulation
  • …and of course plastic free!

Green jade is said to be the stone that fosters Chi, life force energy! The crystal of good luck and healer of emotional imbalance, why wouldn’t you add this to your routine!

Jo says: ” I have had these tools in stock for some months but wanted to try the jade stoner rollers before offering on the Valley Mist site.  I’m pleased to report that I am more than happy to list them, they are a wonderful addition to my nighttime skincare routine, definitely calming and relaxing before bed with the added bonus of all the purported benefits!  I would include them in the morning too but I am always so short on time.

Colour and tone will vary slightly due to the natural features of the stone.


Apply your facial oil to a clean dry face, then with the clean rollers move and roll the jade up and down and all across your skin and enjoy the massage while the oil is further distributed across your face and absorbed.

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