Glass Refill Spray Bottle Green Dream


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  • A refillable clear glass bottle suitable for a range of cleaning products such as kitchen surface spray, bathroom surface spray, floor cleaner, glass cleaner, anti bac or a water spray for plants.
  • Artwork designed in the UK and decorated in Scotland using organic inks.
  • Size- 300ml and 500ml
  • Each reusable bottle comes with a clear reusable trigger spray head.
  • Infinitely recyclable glass bottle made in the UK.
  • Easy to change the top anytime from a spray to a pump to a screw cap- just look for a neck finish R3/28mm.

About the artwork

The Green Dream arttwork is applied directly to the bottle, therefore no extra materials like screens or backing paper (for screen-printing & water-slide transfers) are used/wasted. The inks are organic based and can be recycled. This process uses far less energy than traditional methods.


The glass bottles are sourced from a UK manufacturer. The clear glass bottles are made of 30% recycled glass and the amber are made of 45% recycled glass.