Zero Waste

A step beyond plastic free, you’ve arrived at our zero waste page! Here you can find all of the products we stock at Valley Mist that are completely zero waste. This means that they will fit into one of the following two categories: either the product and it’s packaging are made of 100% natural and non-toxic materials that are biodegradable; or they are a part of our closed loop glass returns system. Our glass returns system means that all of our glass bottles and jars and their aluminium lids, as well as the aluminium tealight containers, can be returned to us to be cleaned and reused, establishing a system through which no waste is produced. Simply finish your product, without damaging the container, fill out the form on our glass returns page for your free postage label, and post them back to us. 

Every year the UK produces millions of tonnes of waste; an absolutely incomprehensible amount. As a result, it can be easy to think that any small changes you make won’t make a difference, but they can. By buying zero waste products you are not only cutting down your own contribution to this waste, but also telling companies where you want your money to go. By spending your money in support zero waste and sustainable products, you encourage more companies to make this change. Every small move is capable of making a big difference. Help be that change, even if it’s just by swapping one of your everyday items for a zero waste option!

Furthermore, all of our postage packaging is also entirely plastic-free, recyclable and/or biodegradable, taking your commitment to the planet and a sustainable lifestyle one step further.

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