Plastic Free

On this page are all of our plastic free options. Because being plastic free is our goal at Valley Mist, you’ll find that this section is quite large! All of our products that we develop ourselves, not products we stock from other companies, can be found here. However, there are also a large number of products from other companies we stock that are entirely plastic free too. The most plastic that you will find here is that some of our products that are packaged in glass bottles or jars with aluminium tops require a tiny disk of plastic to be placed inside the lid in order to provide an airtight seal and ensure that your products don’t spoil. We’ve tried our best to find a way to do without this, but unfortunately at the moment it simply doesn’t seem possible. However, we promise that it is absolutely minimal.

Our packaging varies from biodegradable paperboard tubes, printed with non-toxic inks, to the aforementioned endlessly recyclable glass jars and bottles with aluminium screw tops and aluminium tealight containers. All of our glass and aluminium packaging can also be returned to us via our glass returns system, to be cleaned and reused. So if the little plastic disk is worrying you, don’t worry you can just return your packaging to be reused, so there will be no plastic waste! Simply finish your product, without damaging the container, fill out the form on our glass returns page for your free postage label, and post them back to us. 

Furthermore, all of our postage packaging is also entirely plastic-free, recyclable and/or biodegradable, taking your commitment to the planet one step further.

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