What’s so special about Kutis Deodorant?

You might have already heard about the wonder that is the 100% natural Kutis deodorant, or maybe you haven’t. Regardless, I’m here to tell you more about this amazing little powerhouse of a natural deodorant and exactly what it is that makes it so special.

Kutis Deodorants really work!

First things first, and the thing that we’re all wondering, all natural is all very well, but do they really work? So many natural deodorants out there simply aren’t effective at preventing body odour for many people, but Kutis deodorant really seems to be effective – and it’s not just us saying that! Customers tell us time and again that Kutis deodorant really works for them and this is testifies by the fact that they keep coming back to re-purchase! Of course, everyone’s bodies are different and just because this deodorant works for one person it doesn’t necessarily mean that it will work for you. Nonetheless, so many positive reviews have got to make it worth a try.

Kutis natural deodorant grapefruit and rose made with beeswax

Natural and Organic

As I’ve already mentioned, the Kutis deodorant is made out of 100% natural ingredients. This means that that you won’t find any aluminium or chemical nasties hiding in the ingredient list and can be sure that the product you’re applying to the sensitive skin in your underarms every day is full of all of the natural protective goodness of planet earth.

Furthermore, Kutis takes every step possible to ensure that almost all of their ingredients are organic. Unfortunately, at the moment not all of the ingredients in the Kutis deodorants are organic because it’s simply not possible, but the vast majority of them are! Using organic ingredients in skincare as well as our diet is becoming evermore important as our planet becomes further damaged by pollution. Ingredients that are grown organically are grown without the use of any manmade pesticides, fertilisers or similar, and without the use of genetically modified organisms (GMOs). This creates a far more environmentally friendly way of growing produce, allowing natural ecosystems to continue to flourish and preventing local environments from becoming polluted with unnatural pesticides and fertilisers.

Fairtrade and Soil Association Certified

Beyond just sourcing ingredients that are organic and natural, Kutis goes two steps further and also only uses shea butter, cocoa butter and coconut oil that is fair-trade and Soil Association certified. The Soil Association is the original driving force for organic farming and they work to help farmers employ organic farming techniques in their work. Their principles that they work from as an organisation encompass everything from the way that people work with soil and plants, to their use of water and treatment of animals. This makes soil association certified ingredients some of the most sustainable on the market.

Additionally, ensuring that these ingredients are fairly traded means that the producers of these ingredients are able to continue growing them in a sustainable and ecologically friendly way.


Kutis have never tested on animals, aligning them with our beliefs at Valley Mist.

Fairly Priced

All of the Kutis deodorants are priced at a price point that is both competitive and fair to both the consumer and the producer. It is inevitable that natural, eco-friendly deodorant is going to be more expensive than commercial brands because of it’s higher ingredient standards and the demands it places on its supply chain to be as environmentally sustainable and conscious as possible. However, Kutis try to make this price gap as small as possible, making natural deodorants accessible to everyone.


Kutis deodorants are entirely preservative-free, this includes preservatives that are referred to as ‘natural’.

Lots of scents to choose from

As you can tell from the product section above, Kutis also have a very wide selection of scents to choose from. No matter your scent preference there’s no doubting that you’ll find something you love here. All of Kutis’ scent blends are absolutely delightful and wonderfully uplifting to keep catching whiffs of throughout the day.

Kutis natural and vegan deodorant, bergamot and sage

Biodegradable Packaging

If you’ve been a Valley Mist follower for a while then you will know that we are immensely proud of our biodegradable, paperboard lip balm tubes that are printed with non-toxic inks. They may not be the easiest packaging for us too use as producers, but they are definitely the most eco-friendly. As a result, we are thrilled to see that Kutis deodorants use a very similar biodegradable, paperboard, push-up tube. No more worrying about all of that single-use plastic waste from using commercial deodorants, here is a completely biodegradable solution!

Handmade in the UK

No, we’re not done yet with all of the positives of this natural deodorant stick (but don’t worry this is the last point we promise!). Kutis deodorants are handmade in Wales, in the UK, meaning that you can forget about all of the carbon emissions and pollution that comes with commercial manufacturing processes. Furthermore, the fact that they are made in the UK makes them an even more sustainable option for customers who are also based here, cutting down on the carbon emissions produced in delivery. Based in Leyland, Lancashire, they are an excellent, eco-friendly addition to our Valley Mist shop.

Give Kutis Deodorants a go…

If you think Kutis deodorants sound like the natural deodorant solution that you’ve been looking for then why not give them a try? You can find the full range of natural deodorants that we stock at Valley Mist via the link below.

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