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Making sustainable swaps for a plastic free home is something that we are all trying to do more these days. However, sometimes it can be difficult to know where to start. Additionally, with the current economic situation it can be difficult to feel justified in spending money on sustainable swaps when the unsustainable options are often so much more affordable. But what we often forget is that by their very nature sustainable products are designed to last much longer than the cheaper options, so in the long run you will often save money and time by only having to buy the product once instead of buying it over and over again as the first one gets tired. In this blog post I will talk you through some of the easiest sustainable swaps for your plastic free home that you can make shopping solely on the Valley Mist website.

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Plastic Free Home Swaps you can find in our shop can now also be found on our website!

Plastic Free Home Swaps

Recently the Valley Mist website has been updated and you can find all of our sustainable swaps for a plastic free home that are not our own skincare and wellness products under the ‘From the Shop’, and then ‘Home’ tabs. This is split into ‘Cleaning’, ‘Containers’, ‘Laundry’, and ‘Plastic Free Home’, to help you find what you’re looking for quickly and easily. 


Perhaps some of the easiest swaps and most economically efficient eco-friendly swaps to make for your home can be made with cleaning products. For example, paper towels, sponges or J-cloths can be swapped out for Compostable Sponge Cloths which can be washed and reused up to 300 times, that’s the equivalent of up to 15 rolls of paper towels. So although they might appear slightly more expensive at £3.99 for 5, that becomes a lot cheaper when you notice each cloth will save you 15 rolls of paper towel!

Other eco-friendly swaps you can make in your cleaning cupboard include: swapping sponges, dish cloths and scourers for Coconut Husk Scourers and a Wooden Dish Brush; swapping all your plastic bottles for glass reusable ones and refills; and swapping hand soaps for refillable options.


The easiest swap to make with your laundry is, of course, swapping your laundry detergent for a refillable bottle and using detergent refills. Alternatively, you have probably heard of the famous EcoEgg Laundry Egg which replaces both laundry detergent and fabric conditioner. The Egg case itself comes with a 10-year guarantee – so you know it will last you a while! – and the egg pellets last for 70 washes before you need to purchase a refill. This is another plastic free home swap that is once again far more affordable than it first appears, working out at only 14p per wash and 10p per wash when you refill.

Plastic Free Home

Here you will find all of the above, as well as other plastic free home swaps, from toothpaste and bubble bath, to reusable food wraps to replace cling film and bottled pre-measured baking mixes that save on both packaging and purchasing excess ingredients!

Hopefully this should have provided you with plenty of ideas for swaps to make when heading towards a plastic free home! When first beginning to make these switches it can be very easy to be overwhelmed by the amount of choice and the number of unsustainable products that you feel you need to replace, but it’s important to remember that even one swap makes a difference. If you’ve taken the time to read this blog to research your options – you’re amazing! if you still want some more ideas then check out this beautiful blog post from The Eco Hive.

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