Lavender Gifts, the perfect choice for Mother’s Day

What could be a more perfect and thoughtful Mother’s Day gift than something which can both help her to relax from life’s daily stresses and encourage her to incorporate more self-care into her life?

Lavender is one of the most popular essential oils for very good reason and in this journal post I will run through some of it’s amazing benefits, as well as highlighting some of our lavender gifts to give you some Mother’s Day inspiration.

Benefits of Lavender


Perhaps what lavender is most famous for is it’s stress-relieving properties. Lavender has been used for centuries, especially in aromatherapy practices, to help reduce stress levels and calm anxiety and many scientific studies have shown lavender’s effectiveness at reducing the levels of stress hormone in the body. Additionally it has been shown to improve sleep, lower the heart rate and generally improve mood, all things that help to combat stress in day-to-day life. It has even been shown to help relieve some symptoms of depression!

To use lavender for this purpose, we’d like to recommend the Lavender Bath Time Treat Gift Box, from our Mother’s Day Gifts, combining the calming effects of lavender with the calming effects of a bath for the end of a long day, or just to treat herself because we all know she deserves it! Or alternatively, if baths just aren’t her thing, then how about the Me Time Gift Box that gives her the perfect opportunity to embrace a bit more self-care time?

Sun and stars embroidered eye mask filled with lavender
Lavender Eye Masks

Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Bacterial

It has also been suggested that lavender can help with several skin conditions, especially eczema, because of its anti-inflammatory properties. Additionally it can help to heal chapped and irritated skin because of its anti-bacterial properties, making it particularly effective with skin conditions.

Here at Valley Mist we have a couple of options for Mother’s Day Gifts that allow for topical applications of lavender products, both of which as suitable for both mum and baby’s skin, making them particularly perfect for new mums. The first option is the Soothing Skin Balm which is excellent for use on eczema type irritations, but is also just a wonderfully luxurious, skin-protecting product in its own right (this is actually my personal favourite Valley Mist product!). The second option is the Soothing Massage Oil, the perfect treat for every day, whether it’s self-massage, baby massage, or receiving a massage from a loved one.

Lavender Reed Diffuser
Valley Mist Sustainable Skincare


As briefly mentioned, one of the ways that lavender can help to reduce stress is by improving sleep. In several studies, scientists noticed marked improvement in the sleep of participants using lavender. Not only does it help you to fall asleep, but it has also been shown to help improve the quality of your sleep, so that you feel less groggy in the mornings too.

The Elizabeth Scarlett Lavender Eye Masks are perfect for helping to ease you into a wonderful, refreshing night’s sleep, not to mention they’re absolutely beautiful! If you want a little something extra to go along the same theme, then a Lavender Wheat Bag that can be warmed in the microwave, like a hot water bottle, is the perfect partner present too!

valley mist sisal hand brush for dry brushing
Skin Balms and Massage Oils

It smells nice!

Beyond all of the scientific benefits of lavender, the final benefit (making it the all-round perfect Mother’s Day Gift, in my opinion!) is simply that it smells nice! So even without all of its other benefits, lavender gifts make a wonderful present because they help to create a lovely, cosy, ambience at home.

To help create this cosy, relaxing ambience there are plenty of lavender gifts to choose from on the Valley Mist website, whether it’s a Lavender Dream Candle, a Lavender Reed Diffuser (or if you have a steam diffuser at home, the Lavender Essential Oil), or a De-Stress Room Spray.

Below you can find linked all of the products mentioned in this journal post, as well as a link to the Valley Mist Mother’s Day Gifts page to have an explore for yourself. I hope we’ve managed to provide you with some Mother’s Day Gift inspiration if you were feeling stuck and if you want some more information on the health benefits of lavender and some extra inspiration on how to use it you can have a look here. Also, another favourite of mine, if you’re feeling like getting creative for Mother’s Day, is Lavender Lemonade – it’s delicious! There’s a lovely recipe here.

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