Glass Recycling now accepting for all Valley Mist Glass Containers

Exciting news Valley Misters: our glass recycling system is now up and running! From now on we will be accepting any empty glass containers from our products returned to the Valley Mist shop to be re-used for future products. Read on to find out exactly how this is going to work…

A customer returning an empty Bay, Lime and Lemongrass Candle pot.

Glass Recycling: How will it work?

During the months of July and March each year Valley Mist will release free postage labels in order for you to post your empty glass containers back to us. You can request these here. We have chosen to make this available only during July and March and not all year round, so that you are able to stockpile your glass containers and return them to us in bulk, as opposed to one at a time. Besides being far less hassle for you all (as well as us!) and the most economical option, this is also by far the most environmentally-friendly option; saving on postage packaging and materials, the energy, ink and paper used in printing labels, and cutting down on the carbon footprint created by delivery of all those extra packages. After all, by choosing to create a glass returns system we are hoping to reduce our environmental impact even more, and with so many packages being returned through the mail there is always a possibility that if we do not limit the number of parcels we can receive, we will simply be enlarging our carbon footprint in a way that would counteract any positives of returning the glass.

All that being said, if you live locally to our shop, or are planning on stopping by then please feel free to return your glass containers at any time of the year!

Stockpile your glass containers and return them in bulk.

What’s in it for you?

Besides the warm inner glow of knowing that you are doing something wonderful to help the environment? Every 5 like-for-like containers that you return to us will be rewarded with a voucher to receive the same product again for free. So, for example, if you return 5 full-size micellar water bottle to us, you will receive a voucher for the same product in return. However, you cannot mix and match containers in this way. Some other products sold in glass containers that are available for the same offer are our candles, facial oil, baby balm and massage oil, hair mud, glass jar lip balms (red mandarin and peppermint), cleansing grains and beard oil.

What do you have to lose? Free postage, free products, and a positive impact on the environment!

Why is reusing our glass better than recycling it at a recycling centre?

Although recycling is necessary in lots of occasions and is usually an awful lot better than simply sending things to landfill, it also uses a vast amount of energy, releasing lots of CO2 into the atmosphere. By creating a circular economy with our glass containers we hope to significantly reduce our (and your) carbon footprint, by reducing unnecessary recycling and also by cutting down on the number of new glass containers that we need to order in. By reducing the number of new containers we need, we also reduce the environmental impact caused by the creation of the glass products themselves. For more information about circular economy vs recycling, you can have a look at this excellent article from the Ellen MacArthur Foundation.

So what are you waiting for? Shop our sustainable skincare range below! Or, if you’re already a returning customer, follow the link below to our ‘Glass Returns’ page where you can request a free postage return label.

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