micellar water and toner valley mist
Micellar Water & Toner

Looking for a sustainable skincare routine that works, of premium quality and tackling the ethical dilemma that we all face as consumers? Say hello to our micellar watrer & toner in beautiful amber glass bottle.

Made with Eco cert ingredients and palm free glycerine.  We have made huge efforts to create a formula that is kind to you and our Earth.

The Valley Mist micellar water and toner range is one of our most desirable items in our skincare range. Skin feels hydrated and refreshed without overly removing vital defence mechanisms our skin naturally provides. We have three micellar waters and toners to choose from each suited to particular skin expressions such as dry skin, oily skin and combination skin.

You can try the smaller 30ml sizes of micellar water & toner, choose which suits you best. We also offer the handy 30ml size with a spray pump for a refreshing spritz should you feel the need.

These micellar waters and toners are also available as a refill at selected refill shops across the UK.

All Valley Mist packaging is either biodegradable, re-usable, recyclable or in fact just not there…. We do not supply outer packaging for most of our skincare range and we promise to send you your order without the use of plastic. Not even sellotape.