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Valley Mist Vegan Lip Balm

Valley Mist VEGAN lip bams currently only available via my Etsy shop

Finally after over a year to develop with so many delays and an endless list of problems the Valley Mist vegan lip balms are finished and ready for sale, currently only available through my etsy shop @myvalleymistsmile

Problems, what problems I hear you ponder, what can be so problematic about a vegan lip balm? Needless to say I will go into some detail over the issues that have arisen whilst developing this blend but for now I leave you with the teaser of not all vegan cosmetic ingredients are as kind and as eco friendly as certainly I expected them to be!  This is part of the reason it took so long to develop and why I had to change and modify the vegan lip balm blend so many times.

These vegan lip balms are only available in the plastic free, paper push up tube that I bang on about endlessly. The paper tube is a zero waste choice packaging which makes sustainable shopping an easy choice for anyone interested in reducing plastic in their lives. 

More vegan lip balm insights and updates coming soon…Jo

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