Sleepy Time Pillow Mist, with Essential Oils distilled in the UK

New product news! If you have trouble sleeping, or winding down after a stressful day, or even just love to fill your house with luxurious, natural, wonderful scents, then this new product will be right up your alley. Formulated especially with aiding and supporting you to get a restful night’s sleep in mind, we’re thrilled to announce the arrival of Valley Mist’s Sleepy Time Pillow Mist! Made using essential oils distilled here in the uk, we’ve pulled out all the aromatherapeutic stops to banish stress from your bedroom and encourage you to sleep like a log.

Negative Effects of Restless Sleep

We all know that feeling when we’re tossing and turning, trying to fall asleep, then when we eventually do we are haunted by nightmares and woken up by every slightest noise, only to emerge from our bedrooms in the morning feeling like we never slept at all. But are you aware of exactly the difference that this can make to your body and the way that it functions?

There is no part of your body the a lack of restful sleep doesn’t affect, from your brain right down to your balance. During your sleep your body carries out its maintenance work; healing itself, logging memories, creating new neural pathways and restoring its chemical balance. Without proper sleep your body can’t function properly, so it goes without saying that your sleep is important. You can find out more in-depth information about the effects of sleep deprivation from Healthine here.

Things you can try to improve your sleep quality

There are a number of different ways you can try to improve your quality of sleep and it’s a good idea to try out a variety of them to find the ones that work for you. I will list some here for you to try.

  1. Making sure that you keep your workspace separate from your sleep space. Ideally this means not working in your bedroom, but if this is not possible then simply try to have a separate area of your room to work from and only work there. Definitely don’t work form your bed if you can avoid it – this includes answering emails! Having separate areas for working and sleeping helps your brain to switch off when you are in bed
  2. Giving yourself an hour to ‘switch off’ before bed. Sometimes this can be difficult to work into your routine, but if you can work in some downtime before bed then your brain will find it far easier to turn off completely. Consider journaling, meditating, reading or doing a slow Yin yoga session to avoid screen time.
  3. Keep a notebook next to your bed to write down anything that you need to do or think about in the morning. That way your brain will register it as dealt with instead of keeping you up thinking about it all night.
  4. Incorporate the use of a relaxing pillow spray or essential oils into your nighttime routine. If you’re a fan of filling your house with nice smelly things, like candles, flowers and diffusers, then this option might just be your favourite – it’s mine! There’s something that makes me feel so zen and so put together about using a pillow mist. Maybe it’s just me, but something in my brain just seems to think that using a pillow spray in my nighttime routine means I have my life together, it just seems like something only the most organised people would have… I can just imagine someone like Marie Kondo uses one before she jumps into her crisp, freshly ironed bedsheets! As a result, the placebo effect of simply using a pillow mist helps me to leave my stress behind before I fall asleep, but like I said, maybe that’s just me! However, read on to find out the potential benefits of the Valley Mist pillow spray and essential oils, without the over-active imagination…

Benefits of the Sleepy Time pillow spray and our essential oils, all made in the UK

Whether essential oils or the Sleepy Time pillow spray is better for you will depend entirely upon the way you most prefer too use them. The Sleepy Time pillow spray is by far the easiest for use just before bed, as all you need to do is spray it 3 or 4 of times into the air just above your pillow, before settling down into a nice restful sleep. However, if you prefer to use essential oils, you can add a few drops into a steam essential oil diffuser, if you have one, or mix a few drops in with the Valley Mist Pure Massage Oil, to massage into your skin before you sleep. However, if you choose this latter option make sure that the essential oils are sufficiently diluted, as they should not be applied neat to the skin.

Valley Mist Natural Essential Oils

The Sleepy Time pillow spray is made using essential oils and not synthetic fragrance, so by choosing this nice simple option, you are not losing out on any of the goodness of using the essential oils themselves. We also don’t use any alcohol to dissolve the essential oils in our pillow mist because alcohol can be irritating to the respiratory tract and we want as smooth a night’s sleep as possible! The essential oils chosen for use in this pillow mist are ylang ylang, lavender and mandarin, all of which have been historically associated with helping to improve your night’s sleep.

Ylang ylang and lavender have both been associated with having a calming effect on the body and helping to aid a restful night’s sleep. It has also often been claimed that both essential oils have been effective in helping people to fight insomnia; the main reason that we have selected them for use in our pillow mist. In addition to this, mandarin essential oil has also been associated with the same claims of fighting insomnia, but is also thought to be mood-lifting so is excellent for calming stress and anxiety and help you to fall asleep feeling positive about the day to come. Additionally, if you find that lavender scents alone are a little too heavy for your tastes then you will love this sleep spray, as the mandarin really helps to lighten this scent and provide a much fresher and lighter air, whilst still containing the wonderful relaxing undertones of lavender. If you’d like to give the sleep mist, or any of the essential oils, a try then check out the links below. We hope you love them as much as we do!

The Sleepy Time pillow spray can also be refilled by us at our beautiful shop in Leyland, Lancashire, or by some of our stockists and the glass bottle can be submitted as part of our glass returns system. This means that the bottle can be returned to us to be cleaned and reused again and again and once you’ve returned 5, you’ll receive 1 free!

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