New Product Alert: De-Stress Room Ambience Spray

You might have already seen our recent blog post about our Sleepy Time Pillow Mist but we’re back with more good news already with the release of our vegan De-Stress Room Ambience Spray! Made with our wonderful natural essential oils, this home fragrance spray aims to help you relax, giving you a spa-like experience at home, without making you feel sleepy.

Our Natural Essential Oils, distilled in the UK

Made with a calming blend of lemongrass, geranium, peppermint and yarrow essential oils, the De-Stress Αmbience Spray is designed to ease feelings of stress and overwhelm, with many of our customers saying that it reminds them of time spent in a spa. The essential oils that we both use and sell in our shop are distilled here in the UK, helping us to cut down our carbon footprint and to support UK-based small businesses.

Benefits of Lemongrass

Lemongrass essential oil has been often associated with soothing and reducing anxiety, however its uplifting and citrusy fragrance makes it perfect for use during the day rather than at night. Ideal if work (or life!) is stressing you out, but you want lighter, more summery notes to fill your space, rather than heady, sleepy lavender.

Benefits of Geranium

Geranium essential oil is one of those amazing natural ingredients that has been associated with almost everything positive, from being thought to help relieve menopausal and perimenopausal symptoms, to having benefits for people with neurodegenerative diseases that cause neuroinflammation (more information on this can be found on Healthline). However, the main reason that we’ve chosen it for our Room Ambience Spray is its association with relieving stress, anxiety and depression, but if all of these other positive effects come with it too, we certainly won’t complain!

Benefits of Peppermint

Another powerful force of nature, peppermint essential oil has been associated with all sorts of health benefits, with scientific research still being carried out into the specifics. It is often used in sports massage because of its ability to aid the relaxation of muscles, without making you sleepy, and is also thought to help with soothing headaches and sharpening mental focus. This is a key essential oil in our home fragrance spray that makes this ambience blend particularly good for daytime use rather than at night; helping to keep your mind calm and focused on the task at hand.

Benefits of Yarrow Essential Oil

Yarrow is reasonably new on the popular essential oil scene and its benefits and uses are still being researched. Nonetheless, like many of our other essential oils in this de-stress ambience blend, it has been associated with reducing anxiety. Some sources have even associated it with relaxing the bronchial tubes and therefore making it easier to breathe when you are experiencing intense anxiety that has been known to tighten the airways. There is also a possibility with this that it might be useful for conditions like asthma, but it is best to check with a doctor before using the spray or essential oils if you have respiratory conditions and definitely don’t use them as a replacement for prescribed medication.

How to use the De-Stress Ambience Room Spray

This super easy to use room scent spray is designed to fill the room instantly with the relaxing scents of our all-natural, calming, essential oils. Simply spray three to four pumps into an average sized room (adjust accordingly if your room is larger or smaller) and breathe deeply. However, you can also use this rom scent spray on fabric or above your pillow by spraying a couple of pumps around your clothing or your chair in order to feel the relaxing scents all day.

The De-Stress Ambience Room Spray is also a part of our glass returns scheme meaning that if you don’t want to re-use the bottle yourself (it is very pretty after all!) you can return it to us, using one of our free post labels, to be cleaned and reused. Every 5 like-for-like containers you return, you will also receive one of the same products completely free!

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