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Registered with The Vegan Society

Yeah! Feeling proud and pretty happy to be writing this post. Valley Mist now offers products officially registered The Vegan Society, the trusted association that carries the reputable trademark.

We started the aplication process back in February 2020 …much has happened since but we got there. You have to celebrate the wins and the silver lining s right?

We have ten products registered with them to start with.

micellar water and toner valley mist
All three of the micellar water & toners
The Vegan Society trademark
all four of the valley mist vegan lip balms in paper tubes
8.5% of profits from these plastic free, paper tube lip balms goes to green cause charities
The Vegan Society trademark
red mandarin value lip balm image

Our Value Vegan lip balms are registered with The Vegan Society

last but not least! The very long awaited vegan Mascara in bespoke glass bottle & applicator! Coming 2021

The Vegan Society trademark