New Micellar Water & Toner

Say hello to our fab new range of Micellar Water & Toner in 3 variations

micellar water and toner valley mist
Suited to all skin types

Great value! A generous 200ml in beautiful amber glass jars for £10.00

Normal – Dry skin Neroli & Lavender Micellar Water & Toner

normal to dry skin micellar water & toner
Use as part of your day and evening skincare routine
Enjoy as part of your daily beauty practise. Apply with a reusable facial wipe use a generous amount to soak the pad and gently remove leftover congestion from cleansing or use as a 2 in 1 cleanser and toner. The luxuriant and calming aromas soothe your mind and bring about an overall nice fuzzy feeling. (This is my go to, can you tell?)

Mild but effective skin loving Neroli perfect for maturing and dry skin, with Lavender floral waters. Kind to your delicate skin, this multi function product will hydrate and cleanse leaving a soft and refreshed feeling . Suitable for all skin types, a safe leave on product. Works very well before oil and moisturising applications.

The sustainable credentials

Registerd with the Vegan Society, we’ll be uploading the trademark logo this coming week. The sustainable credentials are what you would hope from Valley Mist. We use eco cert ingredients and glycerine sourced from rape seed oil, not to mention the obvious advantage of the beautiful amber glass bottle.

Also, now this is a big one as far as we are concerned. When we first got the labels for the three toners, we were super happy with them as we always are, but once we compared them to the other labels we have for similar products in the range we noticed the contrast was missing. The blacks were grey and not black …..presentation is so important and we talked our brilliant printer who offered to reprint the whole lot again. Tempting, but how could we do that? We want to be as sustainable and environmentally friendly as we can be. We decided that as a sustainable business first and foremost we would use the labels as they are. Yep, we are super happy that we decided not to create more waste, use more energy and resources.

We’ll feature the other micellar water and toners for oily prone skin – Tea tree and combination skin – Herbal blend in their own post.

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