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Registered With The Vegan Society – More Of Our Vegan Beauty Products Are Now Approved

Good news Valley Misters! Valley Mist has recently had more of our vegan beauty products registered with the Vegan Society! Whether you consider yourself entirely plant-based, vegan, flexi-vegan, flexitarian, vegetarian, or prefer to remain label-free whilst aiming to choose the best option for the planet and its occupants in each unique situation, this is exciting news. 

all four of the valley mist vegan lip balms in paper tubes
Plastic Free Vegan Lip Balms

Who are the Vegan Society?

The Vegan Society was established in 1944 and aims to promote veganism. As a part of this goal the Vegan Society developed the Vegan Trademark (pictured right) in 1990 that could be placed on product packaging to certify that the product was made using no animal derived ingredients. This means that products carrying this logo must have undergone third-party verification, leaving less room for misunderstanding and confusion. By choosing vegan products with the Vegan Trademark you can be sure that all of the products you choose have been rigorously checked against the same criteria.

The Vegan Trademark is recognised across the globe and includes products across all areas of the market, from vegan beauty products, to vegan fashion, and vegan food.

Vegan Society

So, which Valley Mist Vegan Beauty Products are registered with the Vegan Society?

We are proud to say that Valley Mist now has quite a range of vegan beauty products for you to choose from, all of which are linked below for you to have an explore of the ones that take your fancy! 

Our bestselling lip balms are now available in several different vegan varieties… In the paperboard tube, zero waste packaging we have; Sweet Mandarin, Mint, Restore, & Pure.

Then both of our value lip balms, packaged in endlessly recyclable glass jars are also vegan; Red Mandarin, and Peppermint.

In addition to these, our other bestsellers, the micellar waters & toners (although not yet the men’s micellar water) are also now certified vegan beauty products! These come in three different variations, so that you can match them to your skin’s own personal needs. 

There’s the Combination Skin Micellar Water & Toner, containing witch hazel, lemon and geranium for a refreshing, invigorating scent and gentle, but astringent cleansing. 

There’s the Normal – Dry Skin Micellar Water & Toner (of course, there’s no such thing as ‘normal’, but most of us tend to have slightly drier skin). Made with luxurious neroli, English lavender oil and floral water, this option has a wonderfully calming and grounding scent, whilst simultaneously calming and hydrating your skin. 

Finally, there is the Oily Prone Skin Micellar Water & Toner, with tea tree, lemongrass and juniper. This final option is gentle on your skin, whilst still containing powerful anti-inflammatory and antibacterial ingredients for some extra assistance for skin prone to breakouts.

In addition to our bestselling vegan lip balms and micellar waters, a selection of our Men’s Skincare and Mother & Baby products have also joined the registered Valley Mist Vegan beauty products range.