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Natural Pumice Stone

Connect and ground to the earth with soft beach ready feet. Plastic free natural pumice stone has been cut and shaped from volcanic rock and has been used throughout the ages to exfoliate and reveal beautiful toes and heels.


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As natural as the Earth.

Natural pumice stone with hand plaited cord.

A plastic free bathroom accessory for smooth soft feet.  Remove hard and unsightly skin the most natural way.  Perfect gift for the eco conscious consumer, made from 100% natural volcanic pumice and jute fibres. Suitable as a vegan zero waste gift too!

  • Light and porous rock
  • Jute twine, hand plaited.
  • Plastic free …. not even sticky tape!

How to use your natural pumice stone

These light in colour pumice stones are much softer and less abrasive the the black lava pumice stones we also stock. The natural pumice stones can be used on dry or wet skin as per your preference, but make sure not to over use on broken skin as these softer pumice stones do yield and release grains with use.  Make sure to rinse off dead skin from the stones and hang with the cord to dry and aerate.

Approximately 8 – 9cm in length.

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