Bath & Shower Exfoliator Sponge


Gently remove tired skin cells and stimulate blood circulation to enhance soft, smooth skin on your legs and body.

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Natural Exfoliating Body Sponge

Hand held exfoliating body sponge is made from natural sisal fibres which are biodegradable and compostable. Remove and smooth away dead skin and stimulate silky soft new skin on your legs and body as part of your Natural Skincare routine.

Use in the bath & shower and simply and gently exfoliate in circular motions. Rinse the exfoliating sponge and hang to dry.

Ditch the plastic shower puff and go natural!

We all know why we should be replacing everyday plastic items with more natural and sustainable swaps as they come to end of their life, and if you don’t where have you been? On a more serious note, we have been banging our plastic free drum since 2016. We have much to say on the subject of reducing plastics and how we can all live more sustainably. Check out our journal for sustainable living tips that don’t cost a thing.

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