Massage Oil Sets made from Natural Ingredients

There are very few things in life better than a massage. Especially now that it’s the summer and lots of us are taking the opportunity to take off on a quick summer getaway, or relax in the sunshine on an afternoon off, the practice of abhyanga (self-massage) is the best way to take that relaxation even further – not to mention, massage oils are a great way to treat your skin after a bit more sun exposure than it’s used to! So why not treat yourself to one of our Valley Mist massage oil sets?

Candlelight Massage Oil Sets

Picture this: it’s a balmy summer evening, you’re sitting outside or lazily leaning out of the window, with a glass of Aperol spritz, red wine, or your favourite non-alcoholic beverage, the smell of lavender wafting past your nose from the candle you have lit on the table beside you, intermingling with the scents on the soft summer breeze… You grab your massage oil, add a small amount to the palms of your hands and begin to massage away the stress in your muscles… Whether it’s tension from a day of typing, writing, driving, gardening, chasing your kids around the house, or anything else, a few moments to yourself with a candle and a massage oil is all you need to give your mind and your hard-working muscles a few moments of respite.

The Valley Mist Candlelight Massage Gift Set comes with both a Large Lavender Dream Candle and a Lavender & Frankincense Organic Massage Oil, to help you recreate this idyllic moment for yourself… Lavender is perhaps one of the best-known oils in aromatherapy, used for its calming and stress-alleviating properties, it is the natural choice for a relaxing evening. Frankincense is perhaps less well-known but one of my personal favourite oils, also used for its ability to reduce stress and anxiety, Frankincense can also help to improve your mood and concentration, so it’s an excellent oil to resort to when those feelings of being overwhelmed begin to creep in. 

Valley Mist Massage Oil Sets

The Valley Mist Massage Oils are made using a blend of organic sesame seed oil and sunflower oils. Sesame seed oil is considered the King of the Massage Oils, having been used in Ayurvedic massage practises for thousands of years. It has a long chain molecular structure meaning that it is less easily absorbed into the skin, creating that silky smooth massage oil feel. The sunflower seed oil works the opposite way around, having a much shorter chain molecular structure, allowing it to be easily absorbed by the skin, providing nourishment as well as a luxurious texture.

Additionally, the Valley Mist Massage Oils are made from entirely natural ingredients where possible, meaning that you know you are massaging your body with natural goodness (a lot of which you can even find in your own garden, like the lavender and the sunflower seeds). 


Abhyanga is the Ayurvedic practise of self-massage. The practice involves massaging the entire body, from head to toe with warm massage oils and is thought to enhance well-being, both mental and physical, no doubt as an effect of its wonderful stress-relieving properties. Some of the benefits are said to include stimulating circulation, reducing fine lines and wrinkles, and enhancing sleep. If this sounds like something that you would like to incorporate into your life, then there are more details of its benefits and details of how to practise Abhyanga on the Chopra website.

However, there are many other ways of incorporating more massage into your life. At it’s core, like with anything, massage is about doing what feels right for you and your body. Whether that’s five to ten minutes massaging out the stress from your hands and forearms or spending an hour on a full body massage will depend on you and your lifestyle, but the benefits of just five minutes of relaxation on your mind and body can be immense. 

Of course, the gift of massage is another brilliant way to incorporate more massage into your daily life. Massage is an extremely intimate and personal practice and so, the gift of massage in a relationship or to someone that you care for can be a wonderful way of elevating that bond and connection. The healing elements of a gentle massage also make it a useful and beneficial way of demonstrating your care for the sick or the elderly, helping to promote healing and longevity.

If you’ve found that the idea of any of these practises speaks to you then why not treat yourself to one of the Valley Mist Massage Oil Sets? You can purchase the massage oils alone, or as a lavender set, including the massage oil and a candle (these are also in our sale at the moment, so grab them whilst you can!). We hope that our massage oils will help to bring a moment of calm into your day and alleviate those stresses that are weighing you down.

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