How to use a Pumice Stone?

Pumice stones. Something you’ve no doubt heard of but may not necessarily know how to use… If you’re anything like me before I started researching to write this blog, then if someone asked you how to use a pumice stone or what a pumice stone should be used for, you might immediately think of cracked heels… But they’re much more multi-purpose than that…

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What is it?

Yes, a pumice stone is actually a stone, making it the perfect sustainable and plastic-free beauty exfoliating tool that has been in use since Ancient Egypt! There’s an excellent bullet-point history of beauty and skincare (including pumice stones) here if you’re interested in finding out more. However, it is an extremely light and porous stone that is cut and shaped from volcanic rock. It has a rough, but gentle texture which makes it excellent for exfoliating the skin. As you can see in the picture on the right, it is full of thousands of little air bubbles that make it both highly absorbent and easy to dry. At Valley Mist we stock two kinds of pumice stone, the Black Natural Pumice Stone which has a firmer and more abrasive texture, and the Natural Pumice Stone which is softer.


Top Tip: The Valley Mist pumice stones always come attached to a looped cord made out of hand-plaited Jute twine so that you can hang it up to dry after use. This helps to prevent the growth of bacteria on the stone by allowing it to remain wet for too long.

How to use a Pumice Stone?

The main purpose of a pumice stone is to remove dead skin cells and to help soften calluses and dry skin. It can be used on most areas of the body, but it is advisable to avoid any areas of skin that are particularly sensitive or prone to irritation. Additionally, any areas of broken skin should be avoided because of the stone’s abrasive texture and its natural tendency to release grit with use.

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It is always important to soak both the pumice stone and your skin for around five to ten minutes before use as this softens both the skin and the stone, making it easier to remove dead skin cells without being too abrasive. You can use the Valley Mist pumice stones on dry skin but it is much more abrasive if used this way.

Following this, dry the area of skin that you wish to work on and then rub it with whichever type of the pumice stone you feel is most appropriate for your own skin. This should be done in a circular motion, with light pressure, until you feel that most of the harder skin is gone.

If in doubt, use less pressure to start with and increase, not the other way around! This usually takes around a couple of minutes. However, if you find that your skin becomes sore or irritated in any way then you stop immediately, or if you find that the harder skin is still present then you can continue for longer, rinsing the stone regularly to clean it. This can be done a couple of times a week or as necessary for your skin – everyone’s skin is unique!

pumice stone to remove hair
Pumice stone and remove hair

An alternative and lesser known use for pumice stones is hair removal. If using the pumice stone for this purpose then it is advisable to lather your skin in soap first and then use the pumice stone in the same way as above. Using the stone this way can take several uses before all of the hairs are removed, but this is different for everyone and you may find that once is plenty!

After using the pumice stone always make sure to moisturise your skin to replenish the moisture that has been lost and help to protect it from damage. Harder skin is formed as a protective barrier and so removing it means that your skin is more vulnerable and will need a little bit of extra care. The pumice stone should always be rinsed after use and hung up to dry using the attached cord.

If you think that a pumice stone would be a useful addition to your skincare regime then you can shop our Valley Mist pumice stones below. Not only are they completely natural and plastic-free, but they will be delivered to you in recycled and plastic-free packaging too!

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