Ecoleaf is a UK-based company championing the environment in its aim to provide consumers with effective, eco-friendly and plant-based home cleaning products. All of their products are manufactured here in the UK making them an extra -sustainable option for UK based customers, cutting down on the carbon emissions generated by delivery and dispersal. Their products are vegan and cruelty-free and their packaging is entirely recyclable.

Their products have been designed with mother nature in mind, putting natural powerhouse ingredients at the centre of what they do. All of their products are derived from plant extracts rather than the chemicals that most commercial brands rely upon, making Ecoleaf’s products non-toxic and so much better for the planet.

Here at Valley Mist we absolutely love their products and we’re sure that you will too. You’ll find the full range of their products that we stock here on this page. Don’t forget too that when you order from the Valley Mist site your products will be delivered to you in 100% recyclable, plastic-free and/or biodegradable packaging, taking your commitment to helping the environment one step further. After all, when it comes to the environment, every small change can make a difference, imagine if everyone made the changes that you are today.

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