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We are not doing BLACK FRIDAY

Black Friday went absolutely crazy some years ago, people went beyond what is acceptable behavior just to get a few notes off some over priced goods. Black Friday is no longer a day its a week and it’s just not our bag.

For the next three weeks we are including surprise free gifts with all orders over £40. It’s super rare that Valley Mist will run a sale but we do want to let you know how much we appreciate our Valley Mist customers and so we are adding little thank you gifts, just to brighten your day in the same way you brighten our day with your order:-)

Complimentary goodies*

We thought chocolate would be fitting and the perfect token gift to go with our founding products the lip balms that are the seed of Valley Mist…..If you are some how not in the know, our lip balms are packed with a super high content of organic coca seed butter. This unrefined raw butter ingredient means that ALL of Valley Mist lip balms have a subtle chocolate scent.

Milk or vegan all of the chocolate bars we have selected are plastic free!

Thank you so much for your support.

*Orders over £40