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With Plastic Free Love From Italy

We’ve made it in the top ten plastic free swaps from Fabiana Marraccini in Milan

How delighted I was to see one of my hand poured, plastic free lip balms up there in the top ten plastic free swaps listed by Milan blogger Fabiana Marraccini! Honestly, it ALWAYS fills me with joy whenever someone takes the time to share the love for my products. They are hand poured by me and quite literally are filled with LOVE.

Valley Mist is my absolute passion, my husband claims to come second but he doesn’t, not in my heart but to be fair it is a very close contest!

Plastic Free Valley Mist Lip Balms

So if you don’t know about my lip balms here is a brief summary without the waffle because time is precious and who wants to read marketing and noise..

  • 100% Plastic Free
  • Natural ingredients. Raw butters, waxes and oils.
  • Mostly Organic, roughly 80% depending on the variant
  • Essential oils for fragrance.
  • All lip balms, both original and vegan, are a little chocolatey due to the SUPER HIGH content of unrefined organic cocoa seed butter.
  • Botanical infused oils for their healing qualities.
  • 8.5% of profits from the paper tube lip balms are donated to a green cause charity.
  • The inks used on the packaging are plant based and suitable to pop in your home compost…if you don’t have one already I personally recommend thinking about it…we will all need one in the future.

Basically Valley Mist has been built as a sustainable business long before it became popular and I am doing ALL that I can to tick every box regarding being an Eco Brand.

Plastic Free Love From Italy

Currently we just have the one stockist in Italy Friendly Shop and love that they support our venture. We have a growing number of orders and love from our Italian customers. Hopefully whatever happens with the Brexit situation, this plastic free love affair will continue 🙂