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Italian appreciation for Valley Mist….ditching single use plastic lip balm.

The Powderoom Italian beauty and lifestyle online magazine

Once again I am delighted to see Valley Mist featured in another reputable on line magazine, this time it’s love from Italy. Huge thank you to Alice Capiaghi for the mention in her green beauty article. Thanks for the love Alice.

The Citrus and Happy lip balm is part of the original four lip balms that launched this small hand made business. The original balms are completely natural using raw waxes, butters and oils

Organic lip balms

Charity lip balms, once a year we tot up the profit and donate 8.5% toward green cause charity. Our last donation went to the Lancashire wildlife trust

The lip balms are only fragrances with the natural scent of the ingredients, I do not add any synthetic flavours or fragrances. All the lip balms have a subtle chocolate scent due to the high organic cocoa seed butter content.

Citrus n happy zero waste lip balm

Completely plastic free

These lip balms and all of the packaging including the label and the outer display sleeve will rot down and compost back into the earth without leaving harmful, toxic inks or micro plastics in the ground.