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Recycled candles.

Recycled aromatherapy candles made using the waste oils, butter and waxes from the cosmetic production process.

It is with a huge amount of satisfaction that I share this post with you. We launched these awesome recycled aromatherapy candles in September 2019 but I’ve taken some time to see how you’ve been liking them before sharing some insights behind these brilliant additions to our Valley Mist range.

Made using recycled waste from cosmetic production!

So as mentioned these candle are made from waste the has been saved since 2014…Yes, that’s right 2014. Making a lip balm and other oil and wax based products is not as easy as it seems. Fact, there is always waste of some form in every single product you buy, it’s an inescapable truth and so we have used that waste and made our very own recycled aromatherapy candles.

These recycled aromatherapy candles are:

100% plastic free with elegant frosted glass jar with aluminum lid to reuse however you want.

8.5% of profits from this candle will go to a GREEN CAUSE CHARITY 220cl  up to 30 hours burn time.

Made with a small portion of waste oils, waxes and butters from the production of skincare products.

Essential oils for fragrance, no synthetics.

Two 100% cotton wicks, watch them dance together as they burn … just beautiful.

What’s Hot?

The current best seller is the Relaxing Cedar wood & Geranium but my personal favorite is the Winter Fix, super comforting to me, contains eucalyptus & bay essential oils.

Another key foundation to the Valley Mist ethos is to support other like minded artisans.

We have teamed up with the expert candle makers of Blenheim Candles. Known and trusted they only use 100% soy wax and the Highest quality essential oils. The