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On this page are all of our charity products. This means that 8.5% of the profits from any products sold on this page will be donated to the World Land Trust

The World Land Trust is an international charity that aims to protect the most important and endangered habitats around the world. They do this by joining forces with local organisations and communities to establish nature reserves in order to maintain biodiversity and help slow climate change. As a result we believe that they are an incredibly important charity in the preservation of the future of this planet. The effects of their work benefits not only the planet, but also the species and communities that live here – including you and me!

Therefore, choosing to purchase your products from Valley Mist rather than other commercial brands benefits the planet in a whole host of ways. Not only do we donate 8.5% of the profits of products on this page to the World Land Trust, but also our products are all natural, with our focus being on sourcing our ingredients and creating our products as sustainably as possible. Furthermore, all of our packaging is plastic-free and recyclable, reusable or biodegradable. This also includes our postage packaging, so if you order from us online, your products will be delivered to you in 100% plastic-free packaging.

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