Elizabeth Scarlett

Elizabeth Scarlett LogoElizabeth Scarlett is a family-owned business that creates simply stunning designs inspired by nature. Every single pattern or design that you will find embroidered onto their products comes from one of Elizabeth’s original paintings that are inspired by nature and conservation. 2% of their annual sales goes towards the preservation of the wild animals that inspired these designs so that “whether we make money or not, we tax ourselves for using the earth’s resources and honour the animals that embellish our much-loved textiles.” – a beautiful message from a beautiful company and setting an example we all should follow.

Elizabeth Scarlett has chosen to support wildlife because they are key to upholding balance in their ecosystems which helps to maintain biodiversity. Each different range aims to protect something different, with the Bee range contributing to the Bumblebee Conservation Trust’s effort to create bee habitats across the UK, and the Elephant range helping the Sheldrick Wildlife Trust to provide special formula milk for baby elephants. What this company helps to achieve is pure magic.

Furthermore, they are continually updating the fabrics, packaging and processes they use to be as eco-conscious as possible. At the moment they use cotton that has been approved by the Better Cotton Initiative, which makes the growing of cotton more sustainable, but hope in the near future to use organic and recycled materials.

We hope that you’ll fall in love with Elizabeth Scarlett’s designs as much as we have and don’t forget that when you order from the Valley Mist website all of your products will be delivered to you in 100% plastic-free and biodegradable or recyclable packaging too!

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