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Here at Valley Mist we know that finding gentle and allergen-free skincare can be a nightmare when you have sensitive skin. There is such a vast array of products out there on the market that it can be incredibly difficult to find the ones that are most suitable for your skin. In the hope of helping you to navigate this whole world of products with more ease, we’ve put together this brief guide to our allergen free skincare products here at Valley Mist to help you choose what is most suitable for your skin.

unfragranced skincare gift box
Unfragranced Skincare Gift Box

The Stars of the Show: Our Allergen Free Skincare Range

All of our allergen free products have been given the ‘Pure’ label, helping you to instantly recognise the products in this range. Essentially what this means is that these products do not contain essential oils of any kind, or any other products that could cause an allergic reaction. Of course, as with anything, everyone’s skin is completely unique, so we can’t promise that there is no way they will cause an irritation, but by making sure they are allergen free we can minimise the risk as much as possible. You can find all of the products in our ‘Pure’ range linked opposite.

This range includes: soap, massage oil, vegan lip balm, original lip balm, and (my favourite Valley Mist product!) the Baby Balm.

The original lip balms have been our bestselling products since day one, with customers returning over and over again and telling us that they think it might just be the best lip balm in the world… (Maybe we’re biased, but we think they might be right!) The huge cocoa butter content, blended with organic beeswax, makes for an ultra creamy protective layer that is also naturally loaded with Vitamin E.

A slight variation on the original lip balm, the Pure vegan lip balm is a vegan alternative for those looking for an option without the beeswax. This lip balm is made with an even higher percentage of cocoa butter, making it still naturally crammed full of Vitamin E and giving it a gentle chocolatey scent (yum!).

Skin as soft as a baby’s bottom – literally!

You may have noticed that the Pure Massage Oil and the Pure Baby Balm can also be found in our Mother and Baby range, this is because both products are actually so gentle that they have been certified as safe for use on baby’s skin! The massage oil provides a wonderfully luxurious excuse for a self-care moment, whilst the baby balm helps to bring a little bit of luxury to your everyday routine. You might have heard me say this lots of times already in the blog posts, but the baby balm really is my all-time favourite product. Perfectly formulated to protect and nourish dry skin, it’s brilliant for use on eczema and other dry skin conditions, or just as an extra treat for the skin when you feel like it! Starting with a firm texture, it melts delightfully upon contact with the skin, giving a feel that is like halfway between a moisturiser and a massage oil.

Baby Balm
Baby Balm

Cruelty-Free, Natural, and Mostly Organic…

In addition to being allergen-free you can also rest-assured knowing that all of the Pure range (as well as all the Valley Mist products more widely) are cruelty-free and made using 100% natural and mostly organic ingredients. As a result you know that everything you are putting on your skin comes from the natural world itself and doesn’t include any unnatural and unnecessary chemicals.

I hope that this has helped break down the Valley Mist allergen free skincare range for you and that you love these products as much as I do. If you have any questions at all feel free to send us an email at [email protected] or through the messaging service on our website, or drop us a message on social media!

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