Your new moisturising & anti-aging best friend: Light Liquid Glow Serum!

Good news Valley Misters! Our new product, the Light Liquid Glow Anti-Aging Moisturising Serum is now available!

If you follow us on social media, you will have seen us talking about this product and it’s development process for quite some time now and we’re happy to announce it’s finally here. For a long time you’ve all been requesting we create a moisturiser and we’ve been hard at work in the lab developing a product that is sustainable, moisturising, & anti-aging: the Light Liquid Glow Serum.

Just another moisturising serum?

Of course not! We’re incredibly proud of our formula for our moisturising and anti-aging serum. Not only is this delightful serum packed full of Vitamin C & Vitamin E, but it also has UV protective properties.

Packed full of hydrating ingredients, but not too heavy, this moisturising serum is perfect for applying underneath make-up to give you a dewy glow, whilst taking care of your skin at the same time!

To top it all off, it’s sustainable! This is the part of the product that we’re possibly the most proud of…

Light Liquid Glow, Moisturising Anti-aging Serum
50ml with pump light liquid glow anti-aging serum

But, what makes it so sustainable?

We’re so glad you asked! We’ve taken a number of steps to ensure that if we were going to release a moisturiser, it would be one that stayed to true to our sustainability values at Valley Mist.

A moisturising serum with no emulsifier

The first decision that we made in order to achieve this was to remove the conventional emulsifier that’s found in most moisturising products. This means that no heating or high-shear mixing is required during the production process, significantly reducing the amount of energy required for its creation.

A large amount of the environmental impact of cosmetic results is the direct result of their complicated manufacturing processes. Usually, creams and lotions require water and oil to be heated and then mixed together with an emulsifier at a very high speed in order for them to be combined. These complicated processes often require a huge amount of energy, resulting in a large amount of carbon emissions and thus, a whopping carbon footprint. But our wonderful formula has managed to avoid this process, cutting our Light Liquid Glow Serum‘s carbon footprint significantly.

Our reduction of energy in our Light Liquid Glow Serum‘s production, as well as our small batch production, means a much smaller carbon footprint, as well as far less waste.

moisturising serum


Additionally, our moisturising serum’s packaging is designed with sustainability in mind (if you’ve been following us for a while, you’ll know that this is an absolute must for us). Our packaging is formed out of a glass bottle, with a paper label, printed with non-toxic inks, and either a plastic pump cap or an endlessly recyclable aluminium cap. The intention is that you would buy the bottle with the plastic pump cap first, then buy the option with the aluminium cap when you re-purchase, re-using the pump top from your first purchase. Although this does not eliminate plastic entirely from our packaging, it does significantly reduce plastic waste, as this pump can be re-used over and over again.

Closed Loop System

returned valley mist glass

Furthermore, like all of our glass packaging, the glass bottle can be returned to us after use, to be cleaned and reused, helping us to create a closed loop system. This can be done via our glass returns system. You have the option to either drop your used glass packaging back to us in our shop in Leyland Lancashire, or to request a free postage label via our website and post them to us. Every 5 like-for-like containers you return, you will receive 1 free!


One more thing, one of our key ingredients, the raspberry seed oil (more details on why this oil is so special below) has been created using only up-cycled seeds. These seeds have been recovered after the washing process in food manufacturing. We haven’t wasted any raspberries specifically for the production of our raspberry seed oil!

Our anti-aging, moisturising serum’s key ingredients, drawn from the magic of Mother Earth…

  • Organic Rose hip Oil – High in vitamins A, C & F, as well as multiple fatty acids, rose hip oil is thought to help reduce skin damage from UV, aid healing, boost collagen production & reduce wrinkles & hyperpigmentation.
  • Raspberry Seed Oil – An excellent source of vitamins E & A and has natural UV-protectant properties. It’s also associated with having brilliant hydrating & anti-aging properties.
  • Horsetail Extract – not the neighing kind (all Valley Mist products are cruelty free)! Horsetail is an amazing plant with all sorts of benefits for your skin, anti-inflammatory & anti-aging properties.

You can order our amazing, sustainable, Light Liquid Glow Anti-Aging Moisturising Serum now via our website, or pop into our shop in Leyland, Lancashire to pick one up!

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