Valley Mist’s Closed Loop System: Our Packaging’s Sustainable Journey

In the world of eco-friendly skincare and wellness, we try our best to stand tall as a champion of sustainability, constantly innovating to reduce our environmental footprint. At the heart of this commitment are our recent efforts to develop a closed loop system – a testament to our dedication to creating a positive and green future. Today, we’ll delve into the inner workings of our Glass Returns System, showcasing how it seamlessly aligns with our core values, using the glass jar packaging from our coveted Hair Mud as an example of how you can contribute to this eco-conscious initiative.

How does our new closed loop system work?

Valley Mist’s sustainability ethos is evident from product to packaging, especially with the introduction of re-usable glass bottles and jars for many items in our range. This includes the much-loved Hair Mud, housed in a beautiful amber glass jar. This commitment to glass containers is a conscious effort to reduce single-use plastic and promote a closed loop system, where containers are returned, refilled, and reused.

So you want to participate in our closed loop system? Here’s how.

You Use It, You Send It Back

Valley Mist invites customers to actively participate in this eco-friendly initiative, extending beyond skincare to hair care. Once you’ve styled your hair with the nourishing Hair Mud and savored the last application, save the empty glass jar and send it back to Valley Mist using the provided free post labels, which can be requested here.

Earn Rewards

Our dedication to rewarding eco-conscious choices doesn’t stop there. For every five like-for-like Valley Mist glass containers returned, customers receive a voucher for a free product. For example, if you’ve used and returned five of our Hair Mud jars, you will then receive a voucher for a free Hair Mud! Providing you with a tangible reward of your commitment to sustainability and a delightful incentive to continue making eco-friendly choices (in addition to the wonderful benefits for our planet, of course!).

We Wash & Refill

Once the glass containers make their journey back to Valley Mist HQ, a meticulous process begins. The glass is thoroughly washed and prepared for reuse. This is no small task, especially with products like the Hair Mud which likes to stick to the glass as well as it likes to stick to your hair! By participating in this closed loop system, you not only reduce waste but also contribute to extending the lifecycle of each container.

Bulk Returns for Maximum Impact

We encourage you to stockpile your empties as much as possible and return them in bulk to reduce the environmental impact of returning them. Returning items in bulk minimises the carbon footprint associated with individual shipments, magnifying the positive influence on the environment.

Valley Mist’s Glass Returns System is more than a recycling initiative; it’s a transformative journey towards sustainable living. By choosing products like the Hair Mud and actively contributing towards a closed loop system, customers become integral contributors to our vision for a greener world. Join Valley Mist on this eco-conscious journey, one closed loop at a time, and discover the natural products that align with your values!

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