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Upcycled Citronella Tea Lights

15g Upcycled Natural Soy Wax Candle

Sustainable & Upcycled

Closing the loop on the reuse/recycle front, these candles are handmade using waste waxes and oils! Great right? This isn’t a new thing, we have been a sustainable brand since our launch in 2016 and we have been saving our waste from landfill since 2014! Totally nailing it on the zero-waste front for Valley Mist .. So very satisfying!

Returnable and Reuse

We are going to give it a go. Our upcycled candle makers and all round eco warriors at Tarn Replenish are willing to work with us and try a returns system. Yep, very cool right?

We have collaborated with like minded artisans and candle makers Tarn Replenish, these hand poured citronella candles have been made using a unique blend of essential oils and European soy wax and our recycled waste blend to create a beautiful and clean burn to ensure an enhanced fragrance throw.

Available in three different fragrances

Meadow – Citronela, lavender and patchouli.

Herb Garden – Citronella with thyme.

Hedgerow – Citronella with peppermint and lemongrass

Six 15g tea lights use and send back to us in the same box. Fill in the information on the back of the form for your rewards.

Safety and product information inside with return form

A charity product too

All of our candles are charty produtc too, what does this actually mean? Once or twice a year we get ontop of our sales and workout the numbers. We donate 8.5% of profits from these candles to our selected green cause charities. The Lancashire, Manchester and N Merseyside Wildlife Trusts  &  The World Land Trust