Organic & Baby Safe Skincare

We use only high grade oils, butters and waxes in our British made organic and baby safe skincare range.

The roots of Valley Mist has always been to create an ethical and sustainable business. At the very core and foundation of our ethos we strive to do better every day. The idea that we would use waste products from the petroleum industry is just inconcieveable. In case you don’t know, mineral oil is a waste product from the pertroleum industry, often found in baby skincare products especially in the brands we all know and recognise from growing up.

We all (except for those in denial) accept that the fossil fuel industry is responsible for much of the climate crisis we now face.

Let’s put the argument to the side that supports the use of petrochemicals in our skincare, good or bad for your skin and instead look at the benefits of the ingredients we do choose to use.

Natural and organic

We believe it is preferable to use ingredients that have been minimally handled and processed. We are invested in using natural and organic ingredients in our organic and baby safe skincare products.

natural and organic baby safe skincare

Raw butters and oils provide beneficial botanical goodness and there are endless books, papers and reports to support the evidence of this. Furthermore renewable crops are contributors to carbon capturing. Hoorah!

Reducing waste

Our massage oils are available with or with out the spay pump. We give you the option to reuse the spay pump and refill the next time at a reduced price. Reducing waste. Reducing plastic use. We do not offer the oils in boxes and have found so far the 50ml glass bottles to be very durable. We do always recommend caution whenever using glass.

Saving on costs

By making our own skincare products in our own lab here in Lancashire and not going to a contract manufacturer, we are able to offer you premium quality skincare at affordable prices. Equally by not offering a box with your massage oil we are able to offer you the best price without creating further waste and the use of energy otherwise needed to make and transport boxed packaging. We feel good about this.

We do offer a box option for the baby balms if you prefer simply because the lids of the baby balms are made from soft recyclable aluminium and do easily damage. The majority of our customers however are on board with sustainable living and want to make the zero waste ethical purchase where possible.

Reusing our waste oils and butters

The waste we create when making our baby safe skincare, in fact all of our skincare products made from oils, butters and waxes, is saved and repurposed.

Left over drips and product still on the equipment we use is scraped together and added to a container. Once we have five kilos we send it over to our local candle makers Karen & Jules at Tarn. You can guess what happens from there. That’s right, we reuse that waste to create upcycled candles. Pretty cool!

Looking to the future

We have a dream. Our ambition is to work with land owners and change the way we traditionally think about the rural economy. Create jobs and industry in our own local communities, plant diverse fields of flowers and otherwise rejected crops that have in recent years not been used in the cosmetic industry. Without giving away our plan completely we see a way of doing this and most importantly reducing the amount of products we import and have become so dependant upon. It really is time we to start shaking things up and really change the way we live.

As always, thank you for reading this far and for your support – we can’t do any of this without you.


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